La Esperanza Granada

By providing opportunities and resources for the long-term educational advancement and community development of Nicaraguan barrios, we hope to brighten the future of the children by empowering the people of the villages to improve their current living conditions and break the cycle of poverty. We believe in giving a hand up, not a handout.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

Learning Center Assistant

Our learning centers provide a safe, clean, informal environment where children can come and continue their learning in areas such as Maths, Art, Spanish, Computing and Reading. They are stocked with resources not often found in the schools such as books, worksheets, art supplies, educational games and computers.

As a Learning Center Assistant, you will work with local volunteers to support and assist the children as they learn, instigating activities and games, rather than running formal lessons. The objective is to create a fun, interactive and positive learning environment outside of the classroom. The children are willing and engaged, choosing each day which areas of interest they wish to participate in.

This position is available throughout the year and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. Volunteers in this role should have at least intermediate level Spanish in order to be able to fully engage with children.

English Teacher

As an English Teacher you will be working in the learning center in the mornings, teaching English to small groups of students aged 11 years old or more. We are also beginning to introduce adult classes in the mornings which will also be in small groups.

This position is available throughout the year and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. Volunteers in this role should have at least advanced level English, as well as at least basic level Spanish.

High School Assistant

As a High School Assistant, you will provide additional support to students who are being sponsored through high school. This role involves assisting the students revise and improve their English, as well as helping students maintain contact with their sponsors around the world. The role also involves promoting our sponsorship program to potential donors, through social media and making direct contact with appropriate businesses.

This position is available throughout the Nicaraguan academic year (February – November) and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. Volunteers in this role should have at least advanced level English, as well as at least intermediate level Spanish.

Communication and Promotion Assistant

As a Communication and Promotion Assistant, your role is to help our Operations Director by publicizing La Esperanza Granda through social media, managing public profiles, and aiding the development of the organization through promoting volunteer and donor opportunities.

In addition, we often need assistance for various tasks including one-off projects, such as updating volunteer manuals and helping with organizing resources.

This position is available throughout the year and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. Volunteers in this role should be fluent in English and have at least basic level Spanish.

Handyman (Handyperson)

There are constantly repairs needed in the learning centers and volunteer houses. La Esperanza Granada has tools on site and would greatly appreciate the support of a volunteer willing to take on general handyman work. This role is ideal for an individual who wishes to support our organization but does not necessarily want to work directly with the children.

This position is available throughout the year and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. Volunteers in this role should have at least intermediate level English. No Spanish is required.

Online Volunteer

La Esperanza Granada is seeking skilled and passionate individuals to be virtual volunteers in areas such as translation, writing and editing, design and administration.

Online volunteers are valuable throughout the year and time commitments are entirely flexible. Volunteers in this role should have at least advanced level English and additional language requirements vary depending on responsibilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact La Esperanza Granada if you wish to join our team as an online volunteer.

Home Building Project

A clean, dry, secure home is vital in ensuring children can take full advantage of all education opportunities available to them. If you would like to be involved in a truly hands-on project, building a house that will provide shelter to underprivileged children in the barrios of Granada, we would be delighted to help make it happen.

This opportunity is only available during dry season (December to April) and takes approximately 2 weeks. Volunteers will be responsible for fundraising the cost of a house, which is US$3000 in total, and will each receive a free La Esperanza Granada T-shirt.

There are no language requirements for volunteers in this role, just a willingness to get involved and make a difference!

Translation Assistant

La Esperanza Granada has grown over the years to incorporate many volunteers from across the globe. As a Translation Assistant, your role will be to assist in the office by translating documents such as adverts, official correspondence and social media posts.

For those interested, there is also the possibility of combining this role with the Learning Center Assistant role.

This position is available throughout the year and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks, although longer commitment is appreciated. Volunteers in this role should be bilingual in English and Spanish and be competent with a computer.

When & Who

All year-round
Yes, we require a minimum of 2 Weeks
Minimum stay depends on the role. Please see role descriptions for details.
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Volunteer House, Other

Volunteers have the opportunity to stay at one of our three volunteer houses, located in the historic town center of Granada and within a ten-minute walk from our office. They are equipt with dorm beds, private rooms, and private rooms for couples. Alternatively, volunteers can find other housing opportunities and the organization can also assist with arranging local homestays.


we don't offer meals.

Wifi & Satellite

Our Fees

$50 One-time

We ask each volunteer to make an initial contribution of $50 towards administration costs so that all donations continue to go directly towards supporting the learning centers and other projects. In return, you will receive two La Esperanza Granada t-shirts free to wear when you are working with us. There are no additional fees involved with volunteering at La Esperanza Granada, although any fundraising initiatives are welcomed! Volunteers are responsible for their own living expenses for the duration of their stay.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

The volunteer houses have kitchens, fans, washing machines, and TVs.

Contact Person

Katherine Flores
Calle Corrales, costado noroeste del convento San Francisco, casa esquinera., Granada, Nicaragua.

Other Ways to support us

Equipamiento deportivo (balones de cualquier tipo, baloncesto, futbol, bates y guantes de béisbol, etc.)
Puzzles (nivel elemental)
Juegos educativos para los mas pequeños (de 3 a 8 años)
Juegos con números, dados, dominós, etc.
Cualquier tipo de material de lectura en español, libros, prensa, etc.
Lápices, bolígrafos, ceras de colores, pinturas etc.
Material para manualidades
Pegatinas – para recompensar el esfuerzo
Pinturas para pintarse la cara, y tatuajes lavables (calcamonías) para los festivales escolares
Camisas blancas, blusas y/o camisetas para niños
Pantalones azules, cortos o faldas para niñas
Cepillos y pasta de dientes
Vendas y tiritas
Juguetes para usarlos como premios
Cualquier tipo de ropa o calzado infantil

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Located in Granada, Nicaragua, La Esperanza Granada is a non-profit organization with a primary focus on creating opportunities for children through education. ‘Born’ in 2002, we started in one small village and now provide learning opportunities to more than 2,000 underprivileged children living in the barrios of Granada.

Since April 2018, there has been some civil disturbances in the country and travel warnings have been issued by a number of countries, which has decreased the volunteers numbers. However, daily life continues and volunteers can expect to be warmly received by the children in the learning centres. During this time it is important to avoid all political gatherings and demonstrations, however there are still wonderful opportunities for those who want to explore the country. Recent travel to Ometepe Island, provided a tranquil weekend away and San Juan del Sur is still attracting surfers from around the world. Granada has many taxis and there are safe transport services to other locations in the country,

Typically, in the morning, English classes are run in our learning centers for older children who go on to attend school in the afternoons. In the afternoon, our learning centers are transformed into a hub of educational activities for younger children, with volunteers assisting the children in areas such as Math, Art, Spanish, Computing and Reading. Currently, with the decrease in volunteer numbers the morning sessions are not operating however, La Esperanza and the children are optimistic that volunteers will return and morning activities will resume.

Volunteers join us from around the world and work alongside local volunteers and ‘ayudantes’, who are local students receiving a university scholarship through La Esperanza Granada.

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