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The Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (“LAMAVE Research Institute”) is a non-stock non-profit company registered in the Philippines, working for the conservation of sharks and rays in the country.

Volunteering Activities

What We Need

Mobulid rays (Family Mobulidae), commonly known as 'devil rays', comprise the genus Mobula and the genus Manta. Seasonal high Mobulidae diversity and abundance occur from November until June. The spine tail devil ray (Mobula japanica), bent fin devil ray (Mobula thurstoni), sickle fin devil ray (Mobula tarapacana), and the iconic oceanic manta ray (Manta birostris), pass through the Bohol Sea. Currently, these pelagic animals face significant threat in the Philippines as century-old mobula fisheries thrive on the island of Bohol. A LAMAVE team is currently studying priority research questions on the ecology and biology of mobulid rays in a landing site. Very little is known about these species and the sustainability of this harvest needs to be examined and addressed.

Photo documentation and sorting
Collecting morphometric data
Tissue sample collection and processing
GPS deployment and downloading
Equipment maintenance
Aiding with coinciding research projects
Data entry
Assisting in information, education & communication campaigns

When & Who

as soon as possible
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration
2 months

What we Provide

cost cover accomodation (dorm room with up to 3 people), food (3 meals a day), and trip from/to the study site.

Our Fees

$400 USD per month

Contact Person

Tejero, Jagna, Bohol 6308, Jagna, Philippines.
60% response rate , 30 hour(s) response time.


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