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Kumasi, Ghana, Africa

We are charity working in education and enterprenurship skills development in rural parts of Ghana

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
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Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Current projects available are below:
1. Reading Clubs and Academic competitions Project
Reading Clubs project aims at improving the reading habits and ability of school children aged 8 to 12 years. We have twenty (20) reading clubs in various schools. Academic competition covers reading, essay, science and mathematics having students within the ages of 13 and 16. This is organised at the basic schools (Primary and Junior High Schools). The various schools are selected by the Learn for Life-Ghana. The district director of education, of the Ghana Education Service and Learn for Life-Ghana then writes to various schools to include them in the projects. Over past years, we have been organizing academic competitions at the various school levels. In 2017 and beyond, we intend to organize academic competition at circuit level and then to the inter circuit and have overall best for districts.
Volunteers or interns under this project will have the opportunity to work with school children, school administrators, community unit committee and the district education officers. This project targets volunteers or interns with special interest in reading and essay development. It will also be of joy to those who want to improve the habits of learning of Science and Mathematics among children.
It is expected that, Learn for Life-Ghana will provide all the needed logistics and materials for the program. Learn for Life-Ghana will host the volunteer and will be operating form the organization head office and goes to the field once twice a week.
By end of the volunteering/internship period depending on your stay, you are expected to:
i. Successfully supervise and coordinate reading clubs.
ii. Introduced innovations to increase student’s interest in reading.
iii. Developed a manual for reading clubs.
iv. Successful organized reading, essay; and Mathematics and Science Quiz at two months intervals.

2. Child/Youth counselling & mentoring
This project focuses on providing counselling services to both child/youth and to mentor them especially in relation to career planning and development. Volunteers/interns will work closely with School-Based Coordinators and District officer of Ghana Education Service in charge of Guidance and Counselling Unit. She/he will have five schools under his/her operational zone and spent six (6) hours a day in each school, thus visiting the five schools in a week. Mostly, the children aged 8 to 19 years and the youth counselling the ages ranges from of 20 to 35. Much focus is on the child counselling, however community youths are privilege to seek for counselling in the schools but has to pertain to career planning and development.
Over the years, Learn for Life-Ghana has couched students and provided necessary information and advice to students in the area of program selection into Senior High Schools, Technical and Vocational Institutions; behavioural problems; bullying; emotional problems; academic counselling. Our program now offers counselling on personal/social development which include focus on stress management; develop interpersonal skills; learn how to make and keep friends; communication skills (with parents, adults, peers) and Coping with peer pressure.
By end of the volunteering/internship period depending on your stay, you are expected to:
i. Establish good relationship with the school community.
ii. Assist students in goal settling.
iii. Assist student to acquire study skills for improved learning.
iv. Develop motivation strategy to aid students to achieve individual potential.
v. Couch students to learn to balance studies, extra-curricular activities, leisure and family.
Learn for Life-Ghana will establish contacts and liaise with the school administrations, community’s elders and district education for the smooth work for the volunteer. Volunteers/intern will be hosted host family.

3. Less Privileged Project
The program is for less privilege children, brilliant and needy. It is a long-term child support program designed to provide for an entire spectrum of the disadvantage children, through education, counselling and also working to improve the chances of survival for the abandoned and the teenage parents in our community. For now, student that benefit from this project are in the Junior High Schools within the ages of 12 to 15.
Over the pass years, selections of students are done in consultation with staffs of the school and community leaders. Students do get full support for one year and is renewable subject to academic excellence and morals. For the years ahead we want to develop a standard protocol to serve as a guide for all that we do starting from selection process through awards and, monitoring and evaluation.
Volunteer interested in social works and sociology and /or rural development are encouraged embarking on this project. Learning for Life-Ghana sponsors this project.
By end of the volunteering/internship period depending on your stay, you are expected to:
i. Assist in the management of the project.
ii. Monitor and evaluate the project.
iii. Develop a manual for Less Privileged Project.

4. Youth Training in Agriculture
Ghana, like many other developing countries, has over the years been confronted with the challenge of unemployment. As a result, Learn for Life-Ghana has developed initiatives to harness the potential of agriculture to absorb significant portions of the ever growing labour force. Years passed, several youth have had training in good farming practices, horticulture, gardening, aquaculture, agro-processing and rabbit production. Thus enhancing youth and women's potential to earn, and be financially secure. It has trained over 300 youths.
With the years ahead, it seeks to add on training on Mushroom Production. This is to expand the potential of Ghanaian youth and women in gaining financial independence through training. Volunteers/interns with knowledge in agriculture are highly recommended pick up this project. Volunteers will be housed by host families where farming centres are located.
By end of the volunteering/internship period depending on your stay, you are expected to:
i. Assist farmers with good farming practices.
ii. Assist farmers to grow vegetables and manage their cash crops such as cocoa, mango, and oil palm farms.
iii. Guide youth to identify farm business ideas in agriculture.
iv. Assist youth to rabbits rearing.
v. Assist youth to produce mushroom.
vi. Develop practical manual for mushroom production.

5. Entrepreneurship Skill Development
Entrepreneurship is the dynamic process of creating incremental wealth, hence it must be tapped. Entrepreneurship promotes productive employment and micro-enterprise. Learn for Life-Ghana offers short intensive courses in various trades such as baking, leather product making and electronic work that aim to achieve sustainable livelihood by strengthening youth's technical and functional skills. The emphasis of a skill training program is on the unemployed youth to provide them with an opportunity of education in a skill that would ensure adequate livelihood opportunity. The target age group of the program is between 18 to 30 years, ranging from the high school drop-out and unemployed youth to the ones already working aspiring to upgrade their skills.
Learn for Life-Ghana wishes to embrace on board volunteers/interns with keen interest in entrepreneurship skills development in areas such as baking, leather product making

When & Who

Stay could be for one week or more
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide

Pick up service at the airport and tour guide services are provided by us.

Our Fees


Fees covers accommodation and two meals per day (breakfast and dinner)


Contact Person

Mr. Augustine Antwi-Boasiako
Box Ks 16888, Kumasi, Ghana.

Other Ways to Help

teaching materials for students at all levels, used laptops, projector, scientific calculators, textbook, pens, pencils, crayons and story books

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Learn For Life – Ghana is a Non-Profit Oriented, Non-Partisan, and Non-Governmental Organisation committed to enhancing growth in needy communities. Our goal is to fight against illiteracy and poverty. We do theses by developing, initiating and implementing empowerment and capacity building programs which develop techniques for self-sufficiency.
We are into education. We offer academic scholarship to brilliant students. We offer reading clubs and reading competition to school children. We shape their life by embarking on mentoring program to guidance the child in decision making relating to academics and career path. We do assist youth in entrepreneurship skills development thus building the capacities if the individuals.
“Each creature is an exceptional piece of art to be respected, valued and believed in; once directed and coached becomes a valuable asset to the world”- Founders quote
In short we coach children and youth to have meaningful lives for themselves and the nation at large.

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