LEO Project

Promoting care for the working elephants of Sri Lanka

Colombo , Sri Lanka, Central Asia

Care for captive working elephants, ensuring they receive the love and affection they deserve.

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Anne Fernando
Pinnalanda Watha, Wathamulla, Pinnawala, Rabukkana, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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There are four beautiful elephants at our project; Kuwenie, Gal Kulama, Raja and Podi Raja. This project works towards promoting humane care for the working elephants of Sri Lanka. Elephant nutrition, health checks, enrichment programs are but a few areas which the project is focused on. Our aim is to have these working elephants settle into a retirement home at a certain age. We understand that in general the cost of maintaining captive elephants is very high and many elephant owners struggle and as a result the elephants are used for rides. Our charity ensures that the rides are done in an ethical way, where no howdhas are used to carry people and it is not just a life of work for the elephants. With the help of volunteers we are at present able to provide our four elephants with proper care making sure the welfare of these gorgeous animals are taken care of. Our final goal is to end a life of work for the captive elephants across Sri Lanka. The income generated from volunteers go directly towards the maintainance of these elephants, mahout salaries and the project at present which makes a big impact on the lives of these elephants and their keepers.

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