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Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Lida Africa is a social enterprise dedicated to working with private, public and civil society entities to reach their full impact potential by addressing strategic M&E challenges.


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Plot 144 Semawata Road, Kampala, Uganda.

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Victor is the Co-founder and the Executive Director for Lida Africa.
Victor holds a Masters in Public Health, a Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation, a Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation, and a Bachelors of Statistics and Economics. He has more than 6 years of experience as a public health specialist, an M&E specialist, a development consultant and social scientist in East Africa.

He has spent his early career as a researcher and program evaluator in public health, education and human services. He has worked for several institutions including; Protecting Families Against HIV/AIDs (PREFA), Educate!, Aids Information Centre - Uganda, and Uganda's Local Government to help them improve monitoring & evaluation of advocacy and policy change.

Our vision is a world where organizations effectively and efficiently utilize M&E information for achieving maximum impact. Our commitment is in building organizational capacity to monitor and evaluate for sustainable development. In the recent past, we have supported organizations in designing their M&E systems, conducting program assessments and evaluations, integrating ICTs in M&E, designing decision support systems and training staff in M&E principles, paradigms and practices. We empower managers, researchers, statisticians, M&E professionals and students of higher learning institutions through our routine Executive Training program focusing on Data Management, Analysis, Visualization and Statistical modeling using various statistical and data visualization software.

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