Life steppers

Paje, zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

As we do development, many profiles are welcome:
- A teacher to come and teach at the school. (languages, math, geography)
- A nurse or a doctor to take care of the people coming to us for medecine or to go and assist at the local clinic
- A good communicant to help'us reaching tourists and tourism creating support, documents to help us grow our fair tourism project.
- Any one that wants to help us raising money to start or sustain some of our settled projects
- Someone to come and lead on site our sponsorship project for kids and families, and be the interlocutor to life steppers romania.
- Any one with a particular skill, that could help the association to take care of more development aspect.

When & Who

1 month

What we Provide


Accomodations include a room, electricity, gas, people staying in the house helping us with daily needs and tasks.

Our Fees

No fees

about 200$ a month
We are not asking to any money to come and volunteer with us. The house is open to anyone as soon as we agree to act together.

But living on site gives you responsibilities. Taking care of the house and taking care of the people surrounding and helping you is an obligation.

We decided to demand those monthly fees at the beginning of your stay like following:

Electricity, gas and communal water : 25$

Night Watchmen : 50$

Washing and cleaning : 50$

Durability of furnitures: 25$ (everything is made in a local way, the durability is not big, and we often need to change lamps, ropes, lockers etc...)

Local office : 50$ (food, credits for phones, drinks, gas for the vespa, soaps, and transport to go and back to stone town for our local partners here)

Total : 200$/month

This budget doesn't include any personnal expenses. Doesn't include you food and drinks (in a local way you can eat and drink for less than 5$/day)

This budget only includes the sustainability of the house you are living in, and the people that are taking care of you and of the house.

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paje, zanzibar, Paje, zanzibar, Tanzania.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

We provide : education, healthcare, basic needs, assistance to working families and collectives. We teach, provide food for the poor, repaire houses, collect and distribute medicine, purchase and distribute tools and equipment, and support founding of local businesses.

Currently, we have projects in English teaching, a Zanzihabari shop to give the opportunity to the villagers to reach new markets in order to develop their activities and their life style, and many more projects.