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Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Non-profit organization working with orphanaged children in Uganda

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Mathew kiyegga 729, Kampala, Uganda.

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At the moment all our stuff are working us volunteers.

The Organization is Non-denominational and has no formal relationship with any one church but seeks to interact with all churches as well as bodies and individuals who share the same Vision.
We help orphans regardless of race, religion or sex especially in the areas of providing education.

at present we are running this program in rented house and we are Fundraising to purchasing a Land and building a Orphanage homes and a School on the 3 Acre piece of land.

The School will primarily cater for the orphans and needy children and will also benefit the local community and elsewhere.

The land is also to be used for commercial projects such as farming, in both crop and animal husbandry.

To day ,orphans remain a burden of extended families although most of these are living from hand to mouth and many of them are victims of AIDS themselves .
In a situation like that, these families who can hardly take care of their own children naturally find it almost impossible to take in an extra child.

As more family members succumb to Aids, the problem becomes even more complex In fact; this scenario has been played out over and over again, so that today we have another unique orphan problem:

The number of orphans in Uganda stands at approx. two (2.5) million out of a total of about 9 million children of ages 0-12 years, and an overall population of 22 million. This buy any standards is a formidable number for even healthy economies to handle In the case of Uganda ,the economy has been devastated by past wars and political instability, both at national and household level.
The orphan problem is still ongoing owing to the prevalence of aids and pockets of instability in some areas of the country and it poses a real danger to the development of this country.

Children, who miss opportunities for improving themselves today, will be a big burden to society and of no use to themselves in future.
The problem calls for every compassionate heart to give a helping hand.
In 2008, I got Committed together with my church to find ways and means to help alleviate the suffering of orphans and to offer support to families which had taken on these children.
That is when CHANGE LIFE IN AFRICA ORPHANAGE CENTER (CLIAO) was born, a Christian non-Governmental organization.

To date more than (50) orphans of all ages and religious backgrounds have passed through the caring hands of CLIAO and we have had the privilege of having two of our children at University.
Our hearts' desire is that by the year 2023, CLIAO would have had solicited sponsorship for 2000 orphans and would have managed to send many through vocational Schools and colleges.

This project will be a joint venture between CLIAO and the supporting organization which in this case is ………………………………………..
The two parties through negotiation and discussion will agree upon areas of participation in this project.
CLIAO will be responsible for recruiting of orphans /initiation of the project and disbursement of the support and the upkeep of the orphans.
The supporting Organization/Body will bring in a helping hand by financially supporting the work of CLIAO.
The supporting Organization will determine which support to give.
CLIAO will give accountability of all the finances given for individual projects
Each group will take decisions in the line of their responsibility.

1.To provide education to as many orphans and destitute through a sponsor