NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa
We are a community organization working with women and youth in the informal settlement.
our main work is to support education and health in our community.
we are registered with the government of Kenya through the ministry of culture and social services.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

the project is in need of the following work to be done-
fund raising and grand writings,web work, constructions of class rooms and development of strategic partners.

When & Who

as a mater of fact we need the volunteers immediately because we believe that the power of volunteers can change the way we provide service delivery in our community.
its our plan to turn volunteers into resourceful persons and project ambassadors .
We expect the volunteers to stay in our community project for 8 weeks and more depending on the wish of the volunteers. we at the project are very flexible and ready to engage the volunteers meaningfully and actively.

What we Provide


we shall provide a mix of traditional food which include ugali,beef stew ,rice,beans,matoke ,sweet potatoes,chapati,tea/coffee,porridge,drinks , juice ,bread,sausage ,bacon,eggs etc.
we understand the need and we shall be very flexible with the volunteers.
warm water ,good rooms and a person who will be guiding the volunteers every day.
the volunteers will get opportunity to see the wild animals in our game parks and attend community cultural days.


Our Fees

No fees

the reservation fee of usd 50 will help the poor village women star an income generating project for themselves.
the volunteer fee of usd 200 per week with pay for the accommodation and meals including internal transport from the project and to the guest house.
the difference will help the beneficiaries to get uniforms ,food, shoes books and to promote deworming exercises for the ones who are very very weak.
this will be done by the project and the volunteers together.

No Reviews

No reviews yet.

Contact Person

Jared Nchogu
P O BOX 60177-00200 NAIROBI,KENYA., NAIROBI, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

The project wish to have the following ,balls ,text books,cloths,plates,bags,pens,shoes,land,to build a school,cameras for photography,computers,good desks,motivated teachers and many volunteers.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

The program is located in Kenya which is the -sub -Saharan Africa with population of about 42 million with 42 tribes.
we enjoy sunshine all most all the times with equitably distributed rainfalls.
Kenya is located along the equator and share the boarder with Uganda and Tanzania.
it is well served by good roads in the city of Nairobi ,Mombasa and kisumu.

we exist to promote the community welfare and development.
our activities are directed towards women,children in school and the youth out of school in our community.
we have a community school with 250 children and a group of 100 women enrolled in our community programs.
the school is made of iron sheets and we have very few desks compared with the number of children.
the school has about 10 teachers and 15 community volunteers.
we work very closely withe the volunteers in creating HIV/aids awareness and drug abuse which is very rampant in our community.
water is also a challenge in our community because we need to promote wash programs .
to support the school with food ,we intend to have a community food security programs by investing more in food production on land given by the community.
this programs is looking forward to mobilize for the children and youth who are not going to school to come back at the community center and continue with education.
books and uniforms as well us medication of the beneficiaries is posing a big challenge.