Kasese, Uganda, Africa
A group of motivated youth formed LUYODEFO out of a deep aspiration to respond to the plight of the Ugandan people.


There are many projects with lots of tasks to be accomplished including;-

(i). Off-site /Office based activities such as;-
- Project design and development of fundable concepts papers (proposals).
- Developing program impact tracking tools (data entry and collection tools, M & E tools, etc)
- Promoting the organization by means of social media, blogs/articles, photos and other marketing materials such as flyers, brochures etc.

(ii). Field based / On-site tasks:
- Training on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in schools and the community.
- Training, awareness raising and advocacy on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) as part of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and integrating MHM in WASH activities.
- Organising and conducting community events on WASH, MHM and Sexual and Reproductive Health.
- Supporting micro-finance project through training women groups in appropriate savings practices, bookkeeping, loan appraisal and management, business management skills, conducting business evaluation, developing loan management tools, etc .
- Supporting quality education through assist teachers in/during their lessons at primary and secondary schools, organizing meeting with teachers and parents including home visits to ensure joint responsibility of children’s education, organizing and conducting after school programs, running/offering early childhood development (ECD) and adult programs, setting-up reading clubs and organizing reading competitions, etc
- Advocating for the rights of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), conducting training workshops on the rights and protection of OVCs, offering counselling to OVCs and their families.
- Developing social enterprise such as sanitary pads production, tailoring business, soap production, making clean birth kits, etc through training and design support.
- Supporting Aflateen/ Aflatoun project through training school children in savings, human rights, child enterprises, organizing and conducting school based business competitions etc.
- Working with village health teams (VHTs) and local health facilities on medical/ health projects including teaching pregnant mothers on safe birthing preparedness, nutrition and family planning.
- Developing and training on game for recreational activities including sports, and supporting our existing Tournament for change (TFC) competitions. An idea of incorporating WASH, MHM, Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS in sports is desirable as part of main-streaming.
- Advocacy on child marriage, gender based violence and HIV/AIDS and integrating their prevention interventions into the organisation's thematic areas.
- Research challenges faced by the com unity especially the vulnerable groups such as OVCs, HIV affected people (PLWA), the disabled (PLWD), and child mothers, and single mothers.

No specific qualification required. Elective students are also welcome. However, volunteers should be aged over 16 years.

There is much more work to be done! Feel free to contact us with information on your planned project, to see if it make a good match and fit into our program. For more information see our website http://www.luyodefo-ug.org

All year round

Minimum: 2 weeks The volunteers can stay for a maximum period as longer as they wish (but their projects must be defined and completed within a specific time, after which they will be subject to re-definition and drawing new target)


During working days, we provide lunch at our office. This includes a combination with most of the local foodstuff: rice, meat or fish, beans, matooke, g.nut/ pea nut stew, greens (dodo), fruits (manoges/ pawpaw/ yellow banana), to mention a few.

Volunteering is free.

However, volunteers meet their accommodation and travel costs if they stay at a guest-house.

To reduce costs associated with volunteering, we are making efforts to have volunteers placed with/at members' homes, but this may not always work due to challenges related with lack of adequate living space, better housing, electricity, etc.


Social Media Help
Document Translation
Legal Consulting

We need help in social media to create awareness and help promote our work.

We need help in translating our website information in French and atleast one more language widely used worldwide.

We need help in research and fundraisng to help in securing funds to spearhead our work in Uganda, this may including finding potential funders, writing and submitting grant proposals, and or organizing fundraising drives/ events

Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides support to marginalized communities across the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.

It was formed in 2003 to respond to the plight of children, youth, women, and men impacted greatly by political conflict, disease, extreme poverty and other detriments in the Rwenzori region in western Uganda. The idea was to create a platform for empowering rural resource communities to contribute to sustainable livelihoods among the local, underprivileged communities, especially in their social, health, and economic well-being.

LUYODEFO is committed to ending social exclusion and discrimination; creating networks for children, youth, and women; increasing access to development services; and empowering all people to reach their potential and take responsibility for their development. We use very flexible approaches with a strong emphasis on active participation from our beneficiaries and their skills and talents.

Up to 5 people


P.O Box 148, Kasese, Kasese, Uganda.


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