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Realising Education For Development (READ)

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa
We are the charity organisation supporting youth with access to education resources and support them in skills and capacity development.



To achieve our mission we implement Four major programs; Library Refurbishment, Literacy and Reading, Teachers professional Development and Volunteer mentoring program. To date we have refurbished 88 libraries in government schools in Tanzania, donated over 1.5 million books, reaching almost 60,000 secondary students, we have also reached 1,000 Tanzania University students through our libraries refurbishment program. Since 2015 we have trained over 243 teachers on text book use in the classroom, teaching methodologies within literacy and reading program and library management.

Up to 5 people

Realising Education for Development PO Box 1160, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In library refurbishment; We transform unused, rundown spaces to well organized, engaging libraries.
In Literacy and reading we promote 1. Reading culture 2. Improve language transition. 3. Improve students’ skills in fluency and comprehension in both Kiswahili and English.
Volunteer mentoring program here is where all of our libraries are refurbished by Tanzanian university students, and they are the one trained to support students together with teachers on literacy and reading initiatives. We also train them on workplace knowledge and skills and allow them to practice what they have learnt.
We support them to have access to job through internship program.
The Teacher Training; We train teachers on
1.Reading promotion,
2.Improving literacy
3.Textbooks use in classrooms
4.Library management


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