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Mana RishikeshWe are Rishikesh based non profit organisation working for underprivileged children,street children and local people.We are all volunteers, including the directors,staff and our colleagues,so the money we receive goes towards our charitable activities, not salaries.What motivates us?

Most of the families are Living at subsistence level, parents need the labour of their children, particularly the girls, to help the family feed itself. This means that they cannot always afford to release their children to attend school or college.

Even if the child can go to school, the quality of education is often very poor. Problems include untrained and unmotivated teachers, unaffordable books and uniforms, crowded classrooms (and often different class levels have to share the same classroom). Of those children that do manage, against the odds, to get through their schooling, very few indeed are able to go on to higher education.

The consequence of this is that many of these children do not get the education they need to achieve their full earning or social potential and so remain trapped in the impoverished existence they are born into.This is the only reason to come into existence as Mana Rishikesh.

Our Aim
The aim of ManaRishikesh is to help selected village schools in Uttarakhand raise the standards of education that they can provide to the children of their communities, and to give the poorest children a chance to go to school and college.In so doing, we hope in the longer term to have an impact not only on their own living standards, but also on those of their extended families and of the wider communities they come

We know and love the hillside and the people who live there, and want to do something to improve their lives.It's as simple as that.We are providing grassroots level education programs to local people in Uttarakhand where all are welcome without any cast,color or creed.


Our Activities

What We Need

Child Education, Women Empowerment, Digital Marketing, Help to Staff in the office, and in farming fields.

We offer through out the year to volunteers to come our projects for work and visit facilities also we provide if volunteers want to visit only projects for this they have contribute.
Mostly we ask for 2 weeks minimum and if not then we ask for 1 week to work 7 hours a day. Long as you can stay with us in this duration we ask to volunteers then they have to go on our all projects after some weeks .

What We Provide


Home stay ...Stay with host family and they provide you 3 meals a day in between you get
tea or coffee and cookies or snacks which available at the present at home of host family.
Volunteers get vegetarian food fresh cooked and during the volunteering no smoking and no alcohol
and respect culture of India and system and constitution and law. We offer for culture shock volunteers Orientation Program this Program is 10 days and cost is $ 300 in this we teach our living style , daily routeen system of outside of house you deal in market and with public and during your traveling in India after this learning you travel easily.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


Administration fee : USD 90 (USD 180 per couple).
Monthly Payment for full board and accommodation
For Rishikesh $15 per day
For Villages $20 per day Please note that no-one is exempt from the payment of the above-mentioned fees, and there are no paid positions in Mana Rishikesh

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Help out from Home

Social Media Help

We need volunteers who help our organization and support from own home city
to promote our Organization and provide us volunteers and our Organization very
thankful to them by heart. Help our slum children's and families they are waiting for help.
What ever volunteer want to donate and amount we accept.

Your Contact Person

Jasleen and Jitender
C/O Hotel Divya Mana Rishikesh Laxman Jhula Pauri Garhwal Uttrakhand India, Rishikesh, India.
100% response rate , 40 hour(s) response time.

Other Information

Volunteers have to send us CV with latest passport size 2 pictures and work experience and carry with them visa passport photo copies in advance for office use.

What are you waiting for?

We at Mana Rishikesh would love to hear from you!