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Masindi Community Foundation

Masindi, Uganda, Africa

Masindi Community Foundation, MCF, exists to strengthen community philanthropy so as to build social capital for promoting and facilitating asset based development as an approach that enables local citizens establish and manage sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods.

What We Need

MCF’s business model involves conducting community workshops to (i) establish sustainable social enterprises capable of improving livelihoods of disadvantaged people towards achieving poverty relief, (ii) continuously develop skills of the community groups/social enterprise in operating and improving their social enterprises. Thus volunteers shall become part of these workshops, where they will freely interact with community members and guide them in managing their social enterprises.

The model also involves establishing savings and loan schemes for each social enterprise/group established. Here every social enterprise convenes weekly meeting to collect savings and disburse loans to members. Volunteers can become part of these weekly meetings to educate members how to invest loans into their social enterprises as a way of realizing high income to improve their livelihoods. The volunteers can also provide business/enterprise management knowledge to the members

The volunteers will also be helping social enterprise members with agricultural activities in their plantations like weeding, harvesting, planting etc.

The volunteers will also teach young learners life skills (3-6 years) at our community early childhood development centre.

All MCF’s programs are continuous, thus the foundation is always in need for volunteers to support the various community development efforts.

When & Who

All year round
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration
1 day to months/years

What we Provide

We have a guest house for the volunteers. The apartment is complete with a bedroom, kitchen, washroom and living area. There is small negotiable fee to cover the rental cost, which depends on the duration of stay of the volunteer.

Our Fees

We charge a small fee of USD 10 per day per volunteer. This caters for meals and covers other miscellaneous costs like guided tours etc.

Contact Person

Jackson Ayesiga
Plot 54 Persee Street, P.O. Box 368, Masindi, Uganda.

Other Ways to Help


We need the following items to make this project happen;

(i) 200 Kg of hybrid maize seeds
(ii) 12 tins of quality tomato seeds
(iii) 12 tins of quality cabbage seeds
(iv) 50 birds (broilers)
(v) 200 Kg of quality rice seeds
(vi) 3 goats

Gifts to make this project happen can be sent to;
Masindi Community Foundation (MCF)
Plot 54 Persee Street
P.O Box 368 Masindi (Uganda)
Tel: +256-465420090
Fax: +256-465420090


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