Mawulolo Youth Network

We provide the less fortunate with the tools they need to succeed.

Accra, Ghana, Africa

Our organisation is run by a group of passionate and determined people from varied walks of life. Each board member is committed to reaching out to their community.

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Romeo, President of MYN
Christian Village, opposite the Danblesco stop in Accra, Accra, Ghana.
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10 to 20 people

A group of young men in Christian Village, which lies just outside of Accra, started Mawulolo Youth Network when they saw the need in their own community and the harsh effects of poverty. 'Mawulolo' translates to 'God’s greatness' in Ewe, one of the many languages spoken in the southern part of Ghana.

The group works around the clock to help all individuals in need-- they partner with families to work out a plan towards success and offer services to teach and improve the community. A big focus is on education, and they offer scholarship and after-school classes to maximise learning and potential.

Our children are taught English, math, I.C.T., science, writing, and have a chance to cultivate arts, sports, and dance skills. Mawulolo Youth Network utilises volunteers to help teach the classes and partner with the board in role modelling and mentoring our children.

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