Mensajeros de la Paz

Ciudad de Buenos Aires , Argentina, South America
Mensajeros de la Paz is an NGO working for the social inclusion of children and elderly vulnerable.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

Help the staff with institutional projects ( fundraising, marketing and communication, organizing events and campaigns )
Keep grandparent's company and help in the kitchen/garden
Provide educational support for children
Organize or participate in workshops for our grandmothers home, our day centre with homeless teens, our home with teenagers and girls and our center with elderly people
Assist in the maintenance of the garden at the home of grandmothers

When & Who

All year long
The minimum stay is a month.

What we Provide

The volunteer cost includes accomodation in a house called "La casa del mundo"In the house you will meet young people from all around the world who share the same values of community and citizen participation. Here at Mensajeros de la Paz we believe that the experience of sharing a space at the "Casa del mundo" not only brings personal experiences but also enriches the volunteer.
It also includes the coordination in the program, workshops, and educational talks.

Our Fees

US$ 290 per month.


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Contact Person

Olegario Andrade, 358, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Our international volunteer program Is called "Mensajeros del Mundo". One of the objectives of the program is to train young people to be social leaders. World Messengers live in a multicultural environment, work together to perform tasks or institutional projects, accompanying beneficiaries in their day to day and / or conduct workshops, always collaborating with the needs of our centers and homes.

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