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Meru Animal welfare Organization

Arusha, Tanzania, Africa
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Meru Animal Welfare Organization (MAWO) is a nonprofit animal-welfare organization working in the Northern regions of Tanzania. Within our culture and society, we fight for these five freedoms of animals:

Online Volunteering

To lead, manage, and motivate all Meru Animal Welfare Organization and efficiently and effectively implementing the Organization strategies plans for improving animal welfare in the Meru & Simanjiro District.
1. To advice the MAWO Team on how to improve the day to day activities of animal welfare for good performance of the organization.
2. Helping to design different programs for animal welfare.
3. Seeking internal and external donors and apply for grants.
4. Writing and giving reports to the donors on the progress of MAWO.
5. To design Fund raising activities and put into practice.
6. Designing and writing MAWO newsletters, brochures etc.
7. Field activities i.e. Dog & Donkey Clinics.
8. Finding and inviting new members (internal and external) to join MAWO from different areas i.e. Tour operation organizations, Hotels, Big farm operations etc.
9. Providing education in schools i.e. primary and secondary, Communities and also conduct clubs.

Contact Person

Box 12677 Arusha , Usa river . Alliance Building, Arusha, Tanzania.


Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

In 2009, MAWO Founder and President, Johnson Lyimo and other community leaders were brought together to discuss their shared concern for the horrific animal treatment they were seeing in their communities. By 2010 they had completed a baseline survey to study the greatest needs for animal welfare in the Meru region. MAWO was created to address these problems so as to better the lives of both animals and humans in this area.

Since then, MAWO has played a significant role as a champion for animal welfare throughout the Meru District and Tanzania. “Animal welfare” to us means: the concern for the well-being of an animal’s physical and mental state and involves the mitigation of avoidable suffering, injury, pain, fear, or distress resulting from unnatural behavior while used for work, sport, companionship, research or food. The ethical basis for MAWO’s policies stems from looking beyond the conservation of species to the welfare of individual animals.

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