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Mission for Community Development (MCODE)

Kampala, Uganda, Africa

MCODE supports and initiates innovative projects with a mission to save and improve lives of those in need with a priority on children and women.

MCODE was founded to help provide formal education, health promotion, clean drinking water, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, poverty alleviation, hygiene & sanitation and vocational skills training.

Our Projects:
Child Sponsorship
MCODE supports vulnerable children to attain formal education through provision of scholastic materials and school fees. Materials provided include: books, pens, pencils, geometry sets and uniforms. MCODE currently supports 115 children to attain formal education which they might have not acquired.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Implementing a hand washing with soap programme. Encourage boiling water for drinking, properly covering water containers, keeping water and food containers safe from germs e.g use of racks and avoiding eating cold and half cooked food.
Emphasising protecting water quality from source to point of use.

Micro-economic Activities
In the struggle to make the people we serve free from poverty, MCODE has introduced a beads making program where community members make necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc from paper.

Food Security and Nutrition
As 98% of the population we serve depend on agriculture, MCODE has developed a programme to support rural farmers in modern agricultural practices through training the farmers in modern organic farming in order to produce enough food for household consumption and selling the surplus.

Vocational Training
In this program, MCODE aims to equip the beneficiaries with life changing skills which can be put into use after acquiring them. Skills which can be acquired include: tailoring, knitting, carpentry, welding, building and hair dressing.

Micro Loans Programme
In an effort to enhance the economic status of the rural people, MCODE has developed a programme through which micro loans will be provided to trained beneficiaries.

Our Activities

What We Need

Within our programs, volunteers work alongside with Ugandan volunteers in a variety of projects to directly benefit vulnerable children, women and rural communities. The projects include the following activities:

The main focus of this project is to provide underprivileged children with a loving, creative environment in which to flourish. Volunteers can help in areas such as feeding, organizing plays, music, craft and arts, hygiene, nutrition, sanitation and HIV/AIDS education.

Teaching primary students in any of the basic subjects, as mathematics, English, science, physical activity etc. is highly welcomed.

Mentoring and counseling of youth and youth leaders in subjects such as HIV/AIDS, Public Health, women’s health and rights, and family planning. Also organizing creativity workshops.

Community Outreach

Women Empowerment-The work includes educating and supporting women in the areas of HIV prevention, public health, reproductive health, family planning, sanitation and hygiene.

Administrative help

Volunteers’ time of stay is usually from one to three months. Your stay can be extended beyond three months on a case-by-case basis (depending on our requirements and your ability to obtain an extended visa).

What We Provide


Living arrangements depend on the individual volunteer and will be discussed upon the availability of the volunteer or application. MCODE are able to help you find accommodation if asked for.

Personal living expenses depend on the volunteer but can be as low as $250 a month

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


There are no volunteer fees, but volunteers are required to cover their own living and travel costs.

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Other Information

The projects are based out in the villages of Buleega, Makindu, Buleere, Namatovu, Mawotto, Kikooli in Najja sub-county, Buikwe district and others in Pallisa district. There is often a significant language barrier between volunteers and the children; local teachers will have to help you with translation or you get your time to learn the language through available language courses.

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