Mithila Wildlife Trust

Come volunteer in our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation programs!

Janakpur, Nepal, South Asia

A charity conserving natural resources and wildlife in Nepal. Our activity includes environmental and wildlife awareness programmes, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation programmes, sustainable management of Dhanushadham Protected Forest, and Sustainable Development programmes.

Volunteering Activities

Animal Care
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Social Work
Web Work

What We Need

These are the roles and areas where we need your support the most:

1. Social Media Coordinator
2. Media Relations Coordinator
3. Photographer/Videographer
4. Community Environmental Educator
5. Trail Maintenance Officer
6. Wildlife Conservation Specialist
7. Habitat Protection Specialist
8. Water Conservation Specialist
9. Environmental Research Intern/Aid
10. Funding Researcher and Grant Writer
11. Construction support

Please be assured that while staying inside forest, you are always welcomed to join us in wildlife rescue operations. We use to get rescue calls from local community.

Mithila Wildlife Trust is the organization working outside Protected Areas (National Park and Wildlife Reserves) in Nepal to conserve natural resources and wildlife, and being at starting phase, we require all the support and help required for establishment of a new organization.

We're trying to bridge the gap of wildlife conservation outside Protected Areas in Nepal.

We'll highly appreciate your any kind of involvement and support.

Thank you.

When & Who

Whenever you're available!
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week
We don't have duration limit for the volunteers. Even if you apply online for a period, you'll be free to extend the volunteering period after reaching our site.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Guesthouse, Volunteer House

We have a volunteer room inside admin block of Dhanushadham Protected Forest. All basic facilities are available. Approx. 5-7 staff stays there at night and is 100% safe to stay inside.

Variety, Vegetarian, Vegan

Daily fee includes Meals, Tea, Coffee, Snacks and some refreshments.

Wifi & Satellite

Our Fees


One time fee is applicable for registration and administration fee.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Social Activities

Volunteers area accompanied by a staff, volunteer coordinator for assistance in the field. We take volunteers for local sight seeing on the weekend. Interaction with local community and stakeholders is organized for the volunteers.

Volunteer need to pay themselves if planning to spend a night in a hotel on weekend.

Contact Person

Dev Narayan Mandal
Mithila Bihari Municipality-3 (Mithileshwar Mauwahi), Dhanusha, Nepal, Janakpur, Nepal.
90% response rate

Other Ways to Help

Snake rescue kit, i.e. hook, bag and tongue, projector screen, laptop, rechargeable speaker with mic., rechargeable emergency light, head light and LED torch light etc.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Basically our permanent staff (s) are busy in regular patrolling and monitoring of forest, rescue and release wildlife animals to reduce human-wildlife conflict and conduct awareness programmes to raise awareness level for conservation of wildlife and their natural habitat.


You may choose to stay in a hotel, situated in Janakpur, capital city of Province No. 2 if you would like to prefer staying in a hotel. Please note that it is 22KM far from Dhanushadham Protected Forest. You'll have to use public transport for up and down for hotel.

Please write us if you need any letter from our side to comply with your national VISA policy.

In the rainy season, you'll not be able to go outside of office premises, so, you'll have spend time in indoor activities.

Registered under Society Registration Act of Nepal and affiliated to Social Welfare Council, Mithila Wildlife Trust is a member based, non-governmental and non-profitable organization.

Our activities includes rescue, release, relocation, rehabilitation and trans location of wild animals outside protected areas, animal care, plantation, habitat conservation and forest restoration, research activities for wildlife and human-wildlife conflict, snake-bite mitigation initiatives, conservation awareness programmes in the schools, colleges and communities, night documentary shows, field trip, orientation classes, debate, quiz competition, workshop, painting competition, school cleaning campaign, training and fellowship, bird watching and water resources cleaning campaign.

We also work on sustainable tourism, sustainable agriculture, sustainable and wise use of natural resources and skilled manpower development through several type of vocational training programmes.

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