Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa
Molly's Network is Tanzania's first and only Accreditation scheme for local non-profits, with a complementary capacity building model
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P.O. Box 106090 Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Molly's Network believes that local organisations have the best understanding of the needs in their communities, and are often best placed to identify how to meet these needs. They are passionate about development, innovative in their approaches, and committed to the long-term. However, they are also often poorly resourced, disconnected from funding opportunities, and lack some of the skills and knowledge needed to operate in a wider context.

Molly’s Network seeks to support these people and their organisations through 'Molly's Accreditation' and our complementary capacity building model.

Molly’s Network’s Vision: There is a recognized sector of local effective and efficient civil society organisations that is contributing to local and national development goals.

Our Mission: Is to support non-profit organisations in Tanzania in realising their ambitions, through our independent assessment process and complementary organisational strengthening model.

Our objectives:

1. Assist local organisations in attracting recognition, partnership opportunities and funding from local, national, and international stakeholders.

2. Support 'High Potential' organisations to refine the skills, knowledge and the systems needed in order to implement projects that effectively address local need.

3. Building up an active network of local organisations which benefit from sharing information about initiatives and practices.