Volunteer with Muscular Dystrophy Child Care Society Nepal

Muscular Dystrophy Child Care Society Nepal

Bhaktapur, Nepal, South Asia
We are charity working for Muscular dystrophy children.

Human Rights

In our center now there are three boys. Many volunteer come in our center and enjoyed helping boys. Volunteer have to play different game with boys, if they know physio then they can do Exercise , help in doing painting, talk with them etc. Working hour is start from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. Boys love football and they speak well english.


We provide breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner

We have kept a small contribution for the food , accommodation which is $8 a day each person. The cost is to cover the meals and accommodation of a volunteer staying with us.

Individuals, Groups

We are small DMD Day care center run for providing regular services like Physiotherapy,education,computers,art and paintings,entertainments etc. to poor Muscular Dystrophy disable children in Nepal.
We provide food,lodging facilities,have attached bathroom with hot water facilities to Volunteers.So they don't have to look hotel in other place to live during their trip in Nepal.We will keep them at our center in a reasonable price than hotel.Remember that volunteer don't need to pay of their work anymore and can have lots of fun with our muscular dystrophy guys.

Up to 5 people


2min walk from Bhaktapur Durbar square, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

local government 595/ 060

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