Mustard Seed Fund Zambia

Chipata, Zambia, Africa
Mustard Seed Fund is a social enterprise with a unique platform that combines non-profit capitalization of community based sCredit groups with sCredit income generation to create self-sustaining entities that can provide community-level lending services,business training, and outreach programs.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Web Work

What We Need

Story Telling Experts, fundraising, website development, communications, entrepreneurship & savings training, business development services, book keeping, accounts, photographers, business & financial modeling, women empowerment, literacy training, Loan management

When & Who

We welcome volunteers who want to volunteer with us from a duration of 1 week to 2 years

What we Provide


Mustard Seed Fund Zambia provides a volunteer with a host family that is vetted and a member of Mustard Seed Fund. The host family provides a volunteer with his/her room and WIFI 24/7 (in an event their is no wifi a mobile modem will be provided) The host families will provide meals for the volunteer. Mustard Seed Fund will also provide pick up from the International Airport which is 600Km from the Project site at a cost of $100


Our Fees

No fees

Volunteers are required to contribute a $20 everyday towards the host family's food and lodging.

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Contact Person

Francis Mbewe
K67, Kapata, Off Anoya Zulu Road, Chipata, Zambia.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

What distinguishes Mustard Seed Fund Zambia and makes it a great place to volunteer, support and invest for social impact is that our model:

1. Is structured to become financially self-sustaining
2. Demonstrates a proven track record of returning dramatic social impacts with minimal resources.
3.Provides community-level access to capital and skills training PLUS a unique program for establishing Community Micro Banks owned and operated 100% by women borrowers.
4. Is run locally by the women borrowers, thus not requiring a permanent "aid" presence.

Mustard Seed Fund Zambia also has the following programs running in the communities

1. Protect Me Project: In many of the rural communities of Eastern Province children from as young as 6 years they dont attend school because their parents think its far much profitable if they child can start herding cattle at his age. Mustard Seed Fund Zambia has incorporated this project in our Micro finance project because we believe every child deserve an opportunity to be in school and grow up just like any other child in the world.

Am Still A Girl Project: Eastern Province rank number 1 in early marriage cases in Zambia with children aged as young as 9 married off! Mustard Seed Fund Zambia has embarked on a program to reverse this evil practice in rural and peri urban communities. We believe every girl deserves to grow up and make a choice when to get married.

The Orange Dot Project: This is a campaign against Gender Based Violence that Mustard Seed Fund Zambia is working on to spread the message on the consequences of GBV and how everyone can be part of the campaign against Gender Based Violence in our communities.

Mustard Seed Fund Zambia makes affordable, collateral free loans available to impoverished women to help them develop and grow micro-businesses that generate income they can use for basic family needs, education, healthcare, and savings. In addition to income generation, our aim is for Mustard Seed Fund Zambia borrowers to accumulate assets, improve the standard of living and opportunities for their households, and help spur local, economic development by hiring employees and creating community wealth. By providing training, education, and access to finance in areas with limited-to-no banking systems, Mustard Seed Fund Zambia promotes women's economic participation in poor, rural and peri urban communities of Chipata, Eastern Province.

The disenfranchisement of women in rural areas from access to credit is a major impediment for sustained economic improvement for households in developing countries. Mustard Seed Fund Zambia's goal is to remove this barrier by helping women access the credit they need to develop their own enterprises. Mustard Seed Fund Zambia's longer term goal (which is unique among other micro lenders) is to establish Community Micro Banks owned and operated 100% by women borrowers and the community.

THEORY OF CHANGE: By providing access to collateral-free loans, training, and education through peer groups, run by community level programs-impoverished, rural and slum women experience immediate outcomes of launching micro enterprises, increasing their skills, and improving their ability to access traditional financing with success. The impact from these include: increased incomes, improved household savings/assets, improved standards of living (health, education, wealth). Additionally, Mustard Seed Fund Zambia's model produces a 'ripple effect' on women and their communities. Women with improved skills and self-confidence become better advocates for themselves, their families, and their communities. The larger community improves exponentially through increased employment, expanded local trade, and the creation of community wealth.