VIRUDHUNAGAR, India, South Asia
We are for women and child development and rights in participatory method....

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support

What We Need

Documentation, Reporting, Agriculture value chain study, web site creation, crowd fund raising, online fund raising, Blogs

When & Who

We need the volunteer services on the above said 6 tasks. We will give needful information time to time for updating the above tasks. Mostly we need services on Research in rain fed agriculture and grant writing for rain fed agriculture development and betterment of small and marginal farmers
One week to 6 months

What we Provide


Rs 5000/- for 30 days per head


Our Fees

$200 daily
$2000 One-time

1st Week - IR 10,000
2nd Week - IR 7,500
3rd & 4th Week - IR 6,000
5th Week on wards - IR 5,000 per week

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Contact Person

#5/60, Jeyadurga Nagar, Rajapalayam Main Road, Srivilliputtur - 626 125, Virudhunagar Dist, Tamilnadu, India., VIRUDHUNAGAR, India.

Other Ways to support us

We have Sony HD camera and canon Camera for short film and documentary film
Projector for seminars
Office chair 65 Nos and computers

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Where we work & whom we work
NEEDS is directly working at the field level activities among rural and urban in Virudhunagar, Theni, Madurai and Ramnad of Tamilnadu, among all the communities without any partiality on caste, colour and creed. With the support of NGO Networks in Tamilnadu, NEEDS coordinating and expanding its service area in almost Districts of Tamilnadu. With the aim of protect Rights for the children and mitigating climate change, NEEDS working and supporting with district and state level NGOs and CBOs.

NEEDS works towards the creation of a protective environment for children where all of their rights are secured. This work can take many forms, including ensuring support to families; advocating for changes in laws, social practices and norms; building capabilities and resilience of the individual child; enabling children and their communities to access protective and essential services; and training and catalyzing existing protective services (children’ s institutions, police, statutory bodies, protection officers, district officials, community and local authorities) to be proactive about children’ s well-being and safety.

We work to build safe communities for children.

We believe that if children, adults and state authorities engage with one another to identify, build and strengthen mechanisms that ensure children’ s security and well-being, then communities will be safe for all children.


“Empower the Suppressed Community particularly Women and Children by making them to involve and participate towards sustainable development process”


”To Educate to organize and to Empower to actively participate in the fields of Education, socio economic, Legal, Health care and Self Governance by involving them in Self planned development activities in most backward areas”

Target sectors:

 Women and Children
 Small and marginal farmers,
 Dalits and Scheduled tribes,
 Puthirai Vannar
 Elected Leaders in the Panchayat raj system.
 Folk healers and knowledgeable persons

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