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Nepal Friendship Society

Chitwan, Nepal, South Asia

we are an NGO (Not for Profit Organization) based on chitwan,Nepal .Our one of the area is Education. we are helping poor and marginalized children for to support and promote their Education.
we believe we can change the developing world with upliftment of Education and Gender Equality.. The Organization aims on empowering the marginalized communities, Children, Youth through Education, workshop, training and supporting Green Sustainable Environment as well as providing awareness on HIV/ Aids and drug related activities for controlled the bad behavior in local level.

VISION- To improve the quality of life of poor and marginalized people, raising awareness in community of Nepal by enabling Sustainable Development.

MISSION- To enable equitable and sustainable Development by improvement of skill management and rising level of awareness in Local level.

GOAL-By empowering marginalized communities with focus on Youth, women through awareness program and community training to promote basic human right, equity and economic well-being.

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What we Need

Teaching to children age 10-12 age. All the children from Government school of Nepal.

When: Any Date and Month you as a volunteer can join our Project.

Duration: 2 weeks Minimum stay and Maximum could be 12 weeks.

What we Provide


We provide simple accommodation, living with Nepali Host Family. we provide 3 times a food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

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Any period of time
Up to 5 people

Per week $50 including Food and Accommodation. No any program fees are charging.

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Bharatpur-11,Chitwan,Nepal., Chitwan, Nepal.
100% response rate , 36 hour(s) response time.

Other Information

Ever get a feeling that you have a special purpose on this Earth. In fact, if you had a chance, you would surely save the world ...., well may be not the World, but some small part of it.
NFS is a non-political, non-Government, not –for-profit Organization officially registered under the social act with the District Administration office chitwan and also affiliated to the social welfare council (SWC) Nepal.
NFS main working areas are Education, Environment ,HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse etc.
we advocate and raising awareness on Local ,regional and National Level.
Your small help can make a differences in our Local community.
For more details ,Contact us :nfsngo@hotmail.com

Our Wish List

Books for the Library (100-500 books )
Clothes (for poor and needy children)
Stationery Items (pens/pencils/color pencils etc.)
Water tanks (2X1000 liters for Government School)
Projector (1)
Computer/Laptop (2)
solar panels or solar lamp etc.

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