New Chapter Development for Youth

MWANZA, Tanzania, Africa
We are empowering vulnerable children, Youth, women and people with disabilities.

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Our Organization seek to offer volunteers from around the globe the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children, Youth, Women and people with disabilities. Opportunities are provided for volunteers to spend time from volunteer work and services in the areas listed below:

(1). Children's Development Program which has the following Activities
(a)Child Protection (b)Reintegration of Street Children (c) Direct Support to Vulnerable Children (d) English Club

(2). Youth's Development Program which has the following activities
(a) Vocational Training (b) Mentoring, peer counselling, social recreation and Service Learning (c)Extracurricular activities, Life skills activities, games, sports, arts and music in and out of school (d) Sexual and Reproductive Health including Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and hygiene.

(3)Women's empowerment which has the following activities
(a)Entrepreneurship skills (b) Ending Gender-based Violence (c) Education.

(4) We need volunteers to help with teaching in one of our partner schools (at local schools) a signed to by the hosting project (any subject of your preferred choice), Volunteers may also train children on sports like football, netball and other outdoor activities.

(5) Help with Computers/internet: Most of the students at these schools have never used a computer before, however, these computer literacy skills are essential for future use in higher education and in their careers, as well as their everyday life. It is appreciated if volunteers can set up computer literacy lessons at the school.

(6) Photography and Videography
A volunteer with professional skills in Photography, filming and editing videos for all the current fundraising projects in our organization. Mainly storytelling videos about the Most Vulnerable Children, youths, women and people with disabilities.

(7)- Administration / Management training
With growth, we meet the challenges of more effective administration/management of our organization and its projects. We need our organizational structures and procedures to be revised, perhaps new policies to govern our activities to be implemented. The volunteer would help us structure the foundation of the programs and take part in, measure our impact. We welcome all kind of project management training.

(8) Grant and proposal writing.
As we are an NGO, it needs funding. Instead of personal fundraising, we want to focus on funding for projects that will eventually become sustainable. Therefore, we are in search of creative but professional grant and proposal writers, able to find the niches in our projects qualified for one-time big funding.

(9)Assisting in local hospitals, holding HIV/AIDS awareness talks, etc.

If you have an idea of which area you would like to volunteer in, even if it was not mentioned above, let us know and we will see if such an opportunity is available.

All we need and care about is to serve and help the community.

When & Who

Throughout the year
We don't have a limit on the maximum or minimum length of stay in our project.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Volunteer House

You can choose to live in a volunteer house or with a family (host family). We have host homes with local community members that are willing and excited to host the volunteers from across the world, who have been​ ​approved by our local ​team in Tanzania. Volunteers can expect to share a bedroom​ ​​with one other volunteer of the same gender, comprised of single beds or bunk beds. Bedding is provided. The homes have been risking assessed with a mosquito net, a lockable door and access to clean water, within a safe and secure environment.

In a host family, you will be assigned to your bedroom with a lock, You will not always have running water but there will be clean washing water to bath and shower in. You will be living in a host family house and become a member of that family, which gives you the opportunity to learn their culture, learn a new language, and virtually do everything with them. Host families are carefully selected and are very caring and friendly.

Living is comfortable and most homestays have electricity,​ ​running water and western bathrooms. It is important to note that​ ​there are often power outages and water shortages​, and ​​volunteers need to be prepared to have the occasional bucket shower or​​ ​some time without power.​

It is exciting to​ ​stay with a host family, providing you with a​ ​unique opportunity to learn about the​ ​Tanzanian way of life, meet local people, try local food, speak the local language and​ ​engage in local customs and traditions​.​​

If you are living in a volunteers house, you will be sharing a room with other volunteers. The volunteer house often has up to 4 volunteers, so it can be quite fun as you get to know your roommates. The House contains rooms which have three/four single beds, showers and flush toilets.

Volunteers do not have to worry about sourcing their own food and will be provided with three local meals a day. Breakfast is served around 8 am and generally consists of chai (tea), toast, fruit and sometimes mandazi (African donuts). A typical lunch can include vegetables with rice, occasional meat and fruit and is served around 1 pm.

About a dinner, volunteers who will stay in our Volunteers house should have the ability to prepare himself/herself on a volunteers house or he/she can go to buy food from any place he/she likes For those who want to taste the foods most Tanzanian's eat each day.

With local families, Dinner is usually served around 8 pm and usually includes traditional food, such as ugali, chapati, mboga, alongside meat and vegetables.

For those who are keen to get involved in local life by visiting the local markets and learning to cook local food, volunteers will be accompanied to the market the first time so as to get their bearings and feel comfortable.

Types: Variety, Vegetarian, Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

Volunteers are at liberty to discuss about the menu with us.

Local SIM Card
Laundry Service
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$15 daily

-Application fees
-3 meals a day
-Pick up/drop of (Airport pick up/drop off included to the program fee)

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

We offer these additional services so that the volunteers will be comfortable with our environment.

Contact Person

92% response rate , 63 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to support us

-Scholastic materials
-English books
-Mathematics books.
- Laptops.
- Projector with stand (indoor and outdoor screen)
- Football jerseys.
- Cameras
-Clothes and shoes for Children

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

-Improved overall effectiveness and efficiency.


We are working close to the government so it is easy for us to deal with permits and visa to make sure the volunteer who comes to us is working with us in a loving environment.

We appreciate help at any time.


Establishment & Legal Status:

New Chapter Development for Youth (NCDY) is an NGO established in 2004 at grass root level with the initiatives of the people from grass root level, after revealing that there are a lot of problems contributing to the state of marginalization for the children, youth, women, and people with disabilities that need to have special attention and means to facilitate processes of solving problems arising. The Registration N0; of the organization is 00NGO/00002871 of 2009 serving at National level. NCDY is dedicated to serving all people regardless the gender/sex, marital status, disability, race, colour, religious belief, political belief, nationality, ethnic origin, age, and trade union activity, responsibility for dependents or employment status.

NCDY is dedicated to helping Vulnerable Children, Youth, women and people with disabilities by giving those means for a better life through different programs and activities which stimulate action over the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

NCDY is committed to working with a different range of stakeholders in order to foster cooperation and joint work for the purpose of achieving a sustainable future.

Sustainable Children, Youth, Women, and People with disabilities communities achieving equitable social-economic amenities of the marginalized segment of society with gender sensitivity.

To empower vulnerable and marginalized children, youth, women, people with disabilities and environmental protection underserved population groups to use and improve their physical, intellectual, socio-economic and health potentialities for the better living standards.

The organization is geared for Children, Youth, Women, and People with Disabilities to sustainable Development through self-initiatives for their desired projects implementations. Putting in considerations of free violence and strengthening of human rights prospectus within their communities and local authorities at large.


• Empower Children, Youth, Women, and people with Disabilities communities get to know the problems of their concern so that they can be able to solve.

• To enhance Children, Youth, Women, and people with disabilities have the potential to solve their problems on their own.

• Ensure that Children, Youth, Women, and people with Disabilities communities through participatory and integrated approaches make use of opportunities that arise in Tanzania.

• Ensure gender equity and equality is observed in all areas of social-economic opportunities.

• Empowering Children, Youth, Women, and People with Disabilities to realize their entire needs
and demand their rights as human beings.