Volunteer with NGO Amazon Shelter for Animal And Enviromental Protection

NGO Amazon Shelter for Animal And Enviromental Protection

Puerto Maldonado, Peru, South America
We are NGO dedicated rehabiltate of the wild animals in the jungle of Perú


They prepare diets twice a day, feed animals, make constructions, clean enclosures, baby cares, preparing milk, giving food, help in the constructions...

All the year

One week


Three food at day and accommodation rooms with two beds, bathrooms, showers, light...

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We need to get funds for make our projects to release the howler monkeys and all the animals that are now rehabilitated

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We are private area of conservation recognize of the government of Perú, we rehabilitate, protect wild animals and after they ready we work in the program to be release

Up to 5 people

45,00 $ per day


Carretera Tambopata km 11 Puerto Maldonado, Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

: 997223958

We accepted all kind of donations in materials or money