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Espaanglisch Peru

Trujillo, Peru, South America
Legal Registration Number: 11224159
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Social Work

We are looking for volunteers who want to make a social difference in Peru, by teaching kids English as a second language.
This would involve educating at schools using your imagination, motivation, and kindred spirit.

Furthermore the work also involves an oppurtunity to teach local peruvians, from the age 17 and up, in English in the evenings.
Here we have both Basic English classes, and Conversation classes were you can decide which topics to debate.

Essential requirements.

- Speaks English fluently

- Enjoys teaching children

- Willing to commit to a period of one month minimum

- Open to experience what the Peruvian culture has to offer

As soon as possible

one month

We provide the materials that the kids have, such as, class books, work books, notebooks, and a complementary english programme for the computer.
The goverment have also provided us with a corriculum that wefollow in the schools, making it easier for you as a volunteer to prepare for the education.

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help

We are looking for a variety of online assistance, particularly with updating our website and social media accounts. We have a need for volunteers who can update program descriptions and photos on our website, create volunteer registration pages, research how to link photos from our Instagram account to our website, and help us get the word out about Espaanglish on social media.

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To see children of integrated public elementary schools enjoying a culturally diversity, bilingual education of quality, and enjoying the real-world opportunities made available by mastery of a second language.

To bring together national and international volunteers whose native language is English or who speak it fluently. As well as offering people from different cultures the opportunity to discover their leadership potential through changing the future social status of the kids who receiving this education.

5 to 10 people

150 $ one off, as a contribution to the organisation.


Calle Paraguay 499, Urb. El Recreo - Trujillo, Perú, Trujillo, Peru.

: (+51) 044-250103

: Espaanglisch

What else follows when volunteering at NG - (Espaanglisch) ?

We arrange a lot of trips, where we go and experience the peruvian culture, the mountains, the food, the nightlife, the lamas, and mainly just fun activities.
This is what ties the volunteers together as a gruop and makes teaching so much more fun. This is not just an organisation that helps the kids, it also helps in developing you.

- Stickers for the kids (used as a motivational treat)
- Printing paper
- Magasins (for the conversation class with the local peruvians)

Trujillo, Peru
Trujillo, Peru