Nonviolence Uganda

Jinja , Uganda, Africa
A unique community based non profit mitigating poverty and violence through education and entrepreneurship in the slums of Jinja in Uganda

What We Need

Duration and Activities
The program will be run on short term basis Minimum being 3 days and maximum 1 month.
Volunteers are free to choose the areas of interest. We will present a variety of activities within NVP Uganda and other partner organizations with common goal.
 Training in schools for peace program
 Sports for peace
 Teaching English in local schools
 Training a sport in local school or communities
 Working with the women groups
 Community service like cleaning, painting etc
 School outreach[career guidance etc]
 Environment conservation activities
 Training life skills for youth
 Hospital visiting and counseling
 Visiting rural areas etc

When & Who

Open throughout the year

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Contact Person

Eddy Balina
103 Jinja, Bugembe, Jinja, Uganda.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

The Non-Violence Project Uganda is a community based non-profit organization legally registered by the government of Uganda under the Directorate of Gender, Labour and Community Services on 14th-January- 2011. The organization was started by a team of focused young leaders led by Eddy Balina, with the core aim of addressing the problems of violence and poverty in the slums of Jinja and beyond.
The Nonviolence Uganda project is committed to reducing violence and mitigating poverty through creating better alternatives to violence such as through our primary community school, vocational skills training and youth empowerment workshops. We also provide entrepreneurship skills and mentorship and aim to positively engaging young people in sports, music and volunteerism.
Our Mission: To reduce violence and mitigate poverty
Our Vision: To create a safe and healthy environment where young people are inspired, motivated and engaged in positive action within their community.
Our Values: Creativity, Respect, Team Work, Accountability and Dedication.

 0ver 20,000 young people empowered through our youth outreach program
 600 Youth and Women empowered with skills
 50 Vulnerable children in school

Our Projects
Morning Star Vocational Training Centre:
We run a community empowerment centre as a social venture in the slums of Bugembe in Jinja district. We offer the following vocational skills:
• Computer Skills: Andrew and Ismail our local computer tutors equips students with computer literacy, repair and maintenance skills, the course runs for 3 months.

• Hairdressing and Beauty: Juliet is our professional cosmetology tutor, she equips students with skills on how to treat, plaint and style hair and cosmetology, the course runs for 7 months after which student can start their own salon or access employment.

• Tailoring: Christine leads our tailoring class where students are trained to sew and do fashion designs. The course runs for 7 months.

• Recycling skills: we empower community members with skills on how to turn waste materials such as rubbish, tyres, polythene among others into better products that create employment opportunities and conserve the environment. Some of the products made at chairs from car tyres, art pieces, briquettes among others.

Morning Star Nursery School:
Education is a right but more importantly serves as a tool to empower and educate vulnerable and at-risk children in our community.
We ensure they are granted a more sustainable future through a hand-up and not hand-outs. We currently educate over 50 children in our community school headed by Teacher Esther Hope.
Outreach Programs:
We mobilize and sensitize communities about issues of domestic violence, environment conservation and poverty eradication.
We reach out to school to inspire students through career guidance and life skills training.