Novo Harm Reduction Community Nepal

lalitpur, Nepal, South Asia

We work in the field of Drug Addiction,We run Drug Teatment Center, We support people affected by HIV Aids and Hepatitis.

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Bibek Adhikari
Syano Khokana,lalitpur,Nepal, lalitpur, Nepal.


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Up to 5 people

Novo Harm Reduction Community Nepal an Organization work for the treatment of those people who are in the problem of Drugs and Alcohol Addiction, HIV Aids and Hepatitis C. It runs a residential program of minimum 6 months to maximum 1 year from the stage of withdrawal to productive plannings.This Organization is mainly focused on After Program Plan, which means it guides those recovered addicts even after their completion of Residential Program and become ready to face the society we provide them such skills which could be the way of there Independence,we provide them funds and convince there family for the investment as well playing a role for their safe landing with productive outcome, So that they can focus on their new beginning instead of being frustrated and get back to the life of additional activities .

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