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Volunteer in a youth-based NGO in Ghana!

Tamale, Ghana, Africa

NOYED-Ghana is a youth based non-organisation that is working towards an improved quality of life of the youth and the vulnerable (women and children) in society in the northern part of Ghana. Education, Health and Livelihood & Governance are the areas of operation of the organisation.

1. Background
The Net Organisation for Youth Empowerment and Development (NOYED-Ghana) was established and registered under the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana in the year 2005 and operates as a Non – Governmental, Not-for-profit Organisation. NOYED-Ghana is also registered with the National Youth Authority (NYA-Tamale) as a youth related organisation.
It was created by a group of young people who were trained in community development by the Ghana Red Cross Society (Tamale), as well as other youth led organisations including, the Ghana United Nations Students and Youth Associations (GUNSA), the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS).
NOYED-Ghana continues to be led by youth to champion the development of the vulnerable and less fortunate communities.
The organisation has a team of well-experienced individuals, who provide support to the implementation of the programs and projects run by the organization. These people are carefully selected for their technical expertise in the thematic areas of education, health, women’s empowerment and good governance and livelihood.
2. Vision and mission statement:
NOYED-Ghana’s vision is: “An improved quality of life of the youth and the vulnerable (women and children) in society”; and
The mission is: “To collaborate with community networks as a force for the cost effective creation and implementation of sustainable programs.”
Our approach:
NOYED-Ghana uses a multi-faceted approach to development, understanding no project, campaign, community or individual is the same. These strategies include education and sensitisation, capacity building and training workshops, advocacy and behaviour change communications, as well as direct service delivery through volunteerism as the key driver of sustainable and lasting change in the communities across Northern Ghana.
The vision and mission of the organisation are supported through the following objectives:
 To advocate for access and enhance quality education for all children especially for girls in northern Ghana.
 To contribute to improved health, predominately among women and children in the society.
 To sensitise the public on the importance and severity of HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and other outbreaks.
 To contribute to improved socio–economic status of women through income generating activities.
 To empower the youth to become responsible and active citizens, through volunteerism, capacity building and participation in decision making.

Our Activities

What We Need

NOYED-Ghana will need a volunteer with knowledge in fundraising and proposal development. This volunteer will basically support the organisation in writing winning proposals and using online platforms to raise funds towards supporting the interventions of the organisation.

Volunteers are also needed to come to Ghana, Tamale to help in teaching in classrooms to promote quality teaching and learning. These teachers will also be expected to share their skill and experience with the local teachers to improve on the teaching skills.

NOYED-Ghana being a growing organisation still has a number of administrative gabs that it will require volunteers to support in addressing.

We need Volunteers who will come for 3, 6 and 1 year duration.

What We Provide


One week orientation, assisted tour and supported research assignment

Important Info

Suitable For

Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

Minimum Stay

1 or more months

Staff Size

5 to 10 people


If a volunteer is interested in working with NOYED-Ghana, we can discuss to see how we can support to make his/her trip a success.

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Help out from Home

NOYED-Ghana will need volunteers who are highly skilled in online fund raising and grant writing to support the organisation raise funds towards meeting its core mandate.

The following are some of the expected responsibilities of the suitable volunteer.
1. Support in looking out for online funding opportunities in line with the thematic areas of NOYED-Ghana; Education, Health and Livelihood & Governance.
2. Collaborate with NOYED-Ghana to develop suitable proposals for bidding.
3. Assist in developing short video clips on specific issues to support fund raising.
4. Review proposals developed by NOYED-Ghana for submission to donor partners.

The Online Accounting Assistant will be required to

1. Support the organisation register for online payment system.

2. Hold discussions via Skype or any other means to review the accounting systems of the organisation towards meeting international standard.

Your Contact Person

Post Office Box TL2201,, Tamale, Ghana.

Our Wish List

Laptop and desktop computers, used cloths, stationery, health equipment,

What are you waiting for?

We at NOYED-Ghana would love to hear from you!