Volunteer with NutriPower Organization

NutriPower Organization

Mafeteng, Lesotho, Africa

Organization helping malnourished community in Lesotho

What We Need

Nutrition education
Crop production (Hone Based)

When & Who

15th Dec.2017
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
1 week to 12 months

Our Fees

$500.00 Reservation will be used to pay rent for you for 3 months.

Contact Person

Mr. Mofao Phoka
Wepener Road , 207 , Mafeteng 0900, Mafeteng, Lesotho.

Other Ways to Help


NutriPower Organization is an newly established organization legally registered in Lesotho under the societies act. It has been registered in 2017 in March hence bearing number 2017/128.

The organization need the equipment like cars , computers and office equipment. The organization need atleast $ 50,000.00 to cover all the cost for it to move very well. However , any donation and fundraising is accepted at the organization.

Accommodation, transport and food

Additional Info about Us

20 to 50 people

Nutri-Power (NP) is a non-profit making organization established in 2017 by Mafeteng youths to reduce the ever increasing malnutrition due to HIV and AIDS increasing incidence and prevalence. The organization vision is to reduce significantly the malnutrition and to ensure that every child have access to nutritious food in Mafeteng and Lesotho in general. Various strategies will be used which includes community group’s creation, policy development and society education about malnutrition relationship with teenage pregnancy, Breastfeeding, HIV and AIDS. Various methods will be used to evaluate and to monitor the progress to achieve the objectives. The project will be specifically and prioritizing the first 1000 days of infant life to prevent malnutrition. The project shall ensure that at-least 500 people per district are fully literate about malnutrition. This will be done to reduce and to prevent the malnutrition increment since there is a possibility of increased hunger in our region following the El Niño and climate change. Nutrition is going to be the major concern in the coming years.


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