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ONCA Wildlife Sanctuary

Working with indigenous communities for conservation

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, South America
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We are an NGO working in conservation and wildlife rehabilitation with the indigenous communities of the area. We respect that they are the bearers of an ancient wisdom that remains untainted from the technology, consumerism, and materialism of Western society.

Online Volunteering

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- Make our work better known in the social networks and help us find potential fundraisers. Because we live in the jungle staying online to keep checking updating and posting in groups is really important to raise social network visibility.
- Help us find influencers and big channels to post our videos.

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Rio beni upstream 15min, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia.
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Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Take care of the whole place and volunteer training with animals

We promote action on welfare, animal conservation, and preservation. Our objective is to create a custody and management centre for wildlife rehabilitation. We support indigenous communities, as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions in the development and implementation of conservationist projects.

We also promote and advice organisations in the development and evaluation of cultural and conservationist programs being respectful of the native traditions. We strive to develop transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary training programs to indigenous people and public officials from the area.

We want to thank you for considering collaborating with us as a volunteer. Our ambitious journey will never come to a successful conclusion unless it has the support of people like you; people who share our ideals. ONCA is taking its first steps and the workflow is not completely structured. This initial volunteering is distinguished by an unwavering willingness to face the daily reality of strengthening the operational foundations of the organisation.

We do not require a lot of time working since the rustic camp conditions could become difficult for volunteers unaccustomed to the environment of the Bolivian Amazon.

Closest City: Rurrenabaque (15.0KM)

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