KABALE, Uganda, Africa
We are a non-profit organization improving community livelihood through agriculture, education and tourism for a sustainable income.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Volunteer activities

Teaching in community schools that we partner with.
Data collection and documentation of the organization.
Child care, sleeping conditions and counseling activities.
Tree planting as part of conservation activities.
Drawing and painting in schools.
Agriculture/farming activities at school and in communities.
Health and sanitation activities.
Youth and women activities.
Teaching or training a skill for sustainable development activities.
Coaching sports and games.
Building and construction (periodically) activities
Administration/organizational development structure for technical volunteers and to organize or raise funds to support the organization.


When & Who

Volunteers are needed every time.
Yes, we require a minimum of 7 Days
minimum duration 2 weeks

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Volunteering with our organization is our passion and really exciting. Our organization offers you all ways possible for you not to miss and visit Uganda. The organization’s plan of volunteers is to give them accommodation, meals local food ( you can prepare them in your own way) and security. Then accommodation is in the village where our activities are based. This village has no electricity and local sources of light is used during dark hours. But plans of Solar energy installation is in progress.

The organization offers three meals a day ie. Break tea, lunch and supper or dinner as well as transport picking you at our national air port not through other countries and a certificate of appreciation for volunteering with us.

Types: Variety

the meals include fresh foods and vegetable in Uganda only your prepare them according to your style.

Wifi & Satellite

Our Fees

No fees

Volunteer program fee ( $ US)

1.Week $ 296.00
2 Weeks $ 391.00
3 Weeks $ 487.00
4 Weeks $ 580.00
5 Weeks $ 650.00
6 Weeks $ 720.00
7Weeks $ 790.00
8 Weeks $ 860.00
9 Weeks $ 930.00
10 Weeks $ 1.000.00
11 Weeks $ 1.070.00
12 Weeks $ 1.140.00

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees

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Other Ways to support us

local activities in gardens, cooking, sewing and teaching a skill to the community members.

This volunteering experience with the community is your passion and so rewarding. it introduces you to a culture or a way of doing thing that is different from yours.

to have volunteer partners in my community centered approach using voluntourism as the best tool for resource mobilization for community development..

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

the staff orients volunteers, guides and makes volunteers work easy to suit their life style while there with us?


we assist those who want to volunteer with us to experience Uganda first hand. orientation of our volunteers, history about Uganda, we help our volunteers on visa extention while with us. and any other assistance a volunteer needs while with us.



One village is a non profit community based organization founded early 2011. It operates in Nyakahita village, Nyabushabi parish, Kyanamira Sub county, Ndorwa East constituency Kabale district Uganda and the founder/coordinator (the brain behind the idea) is Bagyenyi Herbert.

Why one village Uganda. It is because the community /Uganda is big and wholesomely cannot develop at once and may need a lot of resources that are not available.But starting with one village, development connects to other villages / communities hence to the whole country.

One village Uganda organization has many projects under it: education, poverty eradication, ignorance, environmental conservation vulnerable children, children with disability, agriculture and family, health, women empowerment ,youth, elderly , cultural tourism and sports for development .

One village Uganda was developed and started 2011 after realizing the need for community development. The community in which this organization operates from face the challenge of poverty , lack of education , poor health, producing many children , children drop out of school due to lack of school supplies and meals. Because the majority of people in this village/community are living under absolute poverty.

The children produced in this village or community, live un educated life which has resulted into early marriages at a tender age of 16 and 17 years. This has also increased family violence, evil crimes i.e stealing, alcoholism and rural urban migration with it associated problems

In this village/community, there is only one school under the church but government aided under universal primary education. But this has done less to the expectations because the funding is little and delays to reach the school management and according to the school enrollment, each child gets less than 0.05 dollars in three months. Children lack good learning environment school supplies, teachers lack teaching guides eg reference books on top of the their poor remunerations, classes, toilets, sitting benches are in a sorry state. This has prompted parents to come in and put in a small subscription fee to cater the above, however. It is not even enough, but still few parents can effort paying it.

The school in this village / community has a total enrollment of (700) seven hundred pupils and of these some are vulnerable children, disabled children, rejected children. This is because of disease like Malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS etc. This has however affected the performance of children in class because children do not have meals from school and when they go home for lunch, they still miss it. Because other children in this village / community are born as a result of unwanted pregnancies they are stigmatized, rejected in their families and they go to school without uniform, school supplies and the subscription fee for the school. In fact these children eat or get a meal by chance not by choice. This calls one village Uganda organization to come up with the idea of supporting children though loving sponsorship by provision of school supplies etc with the help of partners to especially vulnerable children from the neediest families.

Therefore, one village Uganda organization has come in to address the issues of agriculture and farming, affordable projects of the poor, education, poverty and ignorance, health, youth, women empowerment.