ONG Asociación de Desarrollo Social, Cultural, Científica Perú "ONG ADSCPERU"

NGO Association for Development, Social and Scientific Cultural Peru "ADSCPERU" is a Non-Governmental Organization Nonprofit Development in Peru.

Volunteering Activities

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What We Need

We need to support the fallowing projects:
1." Walking together improving the Education of the childrens in urban and rurals school" located in Cusco, Piura and Huanuco
Objetive: Generate a process of rapprochement and strengthening among students, teachers and parents in an educational setting * Reinforce learning processes, study habits and acquisition of cognitive skills that influence school performance of children (teaching inglish and computer)
Tasks to do: Participation in activities of initial preparation, academic reinforcement, development of training workshops and creativity, promote reading, stimulating games, teaching English language and computation and other activities in coordination with the school.
Participants: Vvolunteers more than 18 years. with/without vocational training, in the areas related to the project, Adaptability and Ability to cope with New challenges, teamwork, sharing Responsibilities
• Intermediate knowledge of Spanish language.

2. Project : Program of Health -Preventive - Promotional-Educational "Living in Health, Living in Fullness"
Objetive: Contribute to the development of activities of health promotion and disease prevention in health centers solidarity in the Piura region.
Creating spaces designed to develop a preventive and promotional health-education program for the benefit of people and communities in the areas of intervention ADSCPERU.
Tasks to do
*Support medical care with patients in health center with a doctor assistance.
• Strengthening the area of educational training in health to the population for the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases and zoonoses.
• Support in the process of screening and treatment of patients with diseases, hypertension, diabetes.
• Assistance for the Evaluation of weight and height to patients in center health
• Participate in educational sessions balanced and nutritional diet.
• Counseling the population by promoting sexual and reproductive health.
* takes samples of clinical analyzes, application of injectables.
Participants: Students, graduates or professionals in health (doctors, Obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians, psychologists, nurses, etc.
• Adaptability and Ability to cope with New challenges, teamwork, sharing Responsibilities
• Intermediate knowledge of Spanish language

When & Who

From : March 2017 - December 2019 - Project school
From: October 2016 - December 2019 - Project Health Center
Minimum Stay: 02 to 04 weeks Long Stay: 02 to 12 months
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide


Feeding: From Monday through Friday (regional food)
Lodging: In family house
Service basic accommodation: hot water, light, share bathroom, wifi in some case depend of the geographic zone


Our Fees

No fees

USD : $380 monthly
With the contribution, we ensure pick you up the volunteer or student from the airport, lodging, feeding Monday thre volunteer or internship.
ough Friday, transport to the project in province by bus only once, monitoring, telephone calls during the staying of the proyect. Also part of this fees goes to the project benefit the community

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Contact Person

Av. Pastor Sevilla Mz.J,Lte." Urbanización Villa Mercedes - San Juan de Miraflores - Lima, Lima, Peru.

Other Ways to support us

• Be 18 years or more.
• Request Registration Form
• Motivation Letter no extensive(indicating the reasons for their participation indicating the possible arrival and departure of the project)
• CV.
• photo (jpg format)
• Passport Copy
• Health insurance Copy

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

ADESC PERU Volunteering Program "Leaving Footprints towards a World Solidarity" was born at the initiative of its managers as a strategy to strengthen and achieve its goals and objectives as an organization; marking Unlike other programs that seeks to sensitize, stimulate and engage in the practice of solidarity in communities and vulnerable populations in the country.
Objective: To encourage and promote intercultural learning in young adults and foreigners Peruvian spirit of vocation and social commitment to achieve an active participation in the development of our country.
Mission: To mobilize the participation of young people from different countries and civil society, who wish to participate with a vocation for solidarity spirit and engaged in activities for development cooperation of Peru, facing challenges and change processes fight for the eradication of poverty and on the way to a more tolerant, just and humane society.
Vision: Make the Volunteer program, provide young people, civil society development opportunities and personal and professional growth through volunteer experiences, obtaining a sustainable and positive impact on communities and populations of intervention; through its contribution we will achieve our goals.
For further information write to : or

We seeks to promote development and social cohesion for interaction in the processes of changes that address the needs, aspirations and concerns of civil society with emphasis on vulnerable communities, strengthening sustainable manner, from a social perspective, scientific and cultural contemporary.
Promote social development, promotion of culture, science and technology contributing to the eradication of poverty, improving the quality of life of people who are socially and economically less disadvantaged or excluded; encouraging the development of their human capacities in the economic and social, sustainable and balanced integrated approach to the objectives and goals of sustainable development by 2030.
Being a committed organization, responsible and effective, capable of generating changes and proposed strategy to address the fight against poverty condition
 Human development.
 Alternative for a sustainable life.
 Activities technology protecting the planet.
 Promote and foment the cultural expressions of the world.
* Education, * Social and Cultural * Health

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