We develop Humanitarian Aid, Vulnerable Population Preparation and Disaster Response activities

Volunteering Activities

Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work

What We Need

We require volunteers to support the training of emergency and disaster response personnel. We also need volunteers to help us raise funds to cover the logistics we need to be able to help and also be able to acquire technological equipment to respond in disasters.

When & Who

We need volunteers at all times, with prior coordination in order to be able to schedule your support and handle the Spanish language.
Un apoyo minimo de 07 dias.

What we Provide


We offer, food, lodging and transportation within Peru.


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Contact Person

Javier Perez
Jr. Pachamama 141 Zarate SJL, Lima, Peru.
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Other Ways to support us

Medical equipment, rescue equipment, radio communication, transport vehicles, satellite cell, tents, work tools, everything related to the logistics of rescue equipment.
Specialist in fundraising for elaboration and execution of projects.

Additional Info about Us

More than 50 people

- Member of the Federation of Latin American Organizations of Response to Emergencies and Disasters - FOLARED
- Invited participant of the National Humanitarian Network led by the National Institute of Civil Defense Peru and the United Nations System for the coordination of actions in response to emergencies in the country
- Member of State Firefighters '& Fire Marshals' Association of Texas

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The NGO SAR PERU is a Peruvian Nonprofit Institution, which is made up of a multidisciplinary team of volunteer leaders, strengthened in the training and permanent training of its members, who carry out Humanitarian Aid work, being also professionals prepared in Different specialties, to be able to attend, coordinate and manage the operations of emergencies and disasters that can be presented inside or outside Peru, mitigating the effects produced in the shortest possible time.
In SAR PERU; Our main mission is to respond in a professional and self-sustained way in the humanitarian aid, search and rescue of people, with a highly trained team equipped with technology and logistics for this work.
Developing and executing programs of preparation and awareness in Disaster Risk Management for the most vulnerable population and emergency response entities

ONG SAR PERU, bases its action on the principles of:

SAR PERU helps human suffering by serving it wherever it may be, the objective of its humanitarian action is to protect life, health and ensure respect for human beings.

SAR PERU does not take sides in hostilities and controversies of racial, religious or ideological political order.

The humanitarian action of SAR PERU is carried out according to need, prioritizing the most urgent cases and making no distinctions based on nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, class or political opinion.

The humanitarian action of SAR PERU is independent of the economic, military or other political objectives that any humanitarian agent may have regarding areas where humanitarian measures are being implemented