Volunteer with organization for environment protection and rural infrastruction development

organization for environment protection and rural infrastruction development

Kumba, Cameroon, Africa
We are a community base organization helping the undeserved and unprivilegde in communities


We are in Search of volunteers that can help us to Empower our communities like educating women about their rights in the society, Teach us more about environment protection, how to generate community project that will help the growth of our communities and also the lives of individuals. How to best help in the education of the youths in our society. Help us with how to do fundraising for our projects and also to connect with new partners and donors.

Any time a volunteer is welcome

As long as it permit the volunteer here


We will teach he or she our life style, tour around our nation

This is discussed when need arises because is not about the money but what we aim to gain for the person being here with us . This will base on the persons willingness or what he or she is willing t o give to support the running of the organization

Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

Logo and Graphic Design

Looking for a volunteer to help design our organization's website

organization for environment protection and rural infrastructure development ( oreprid ) is a community base organization that aims to better infrastructure development in local Communities, lives of the individuals through our Capacity building workshop we organized and also protect the environment by fighting for the protection of climate change.

Working with partners World wide to help the undeserved and the unprivileged to achieve their goals in life, Help to Educate the less privilege and work with community to better their infrastructure and encouraged community development projects.

5 to 10 people

Kumba- Opposite High Court, Kumba, Cameroon.

Electronics like cameras, phones, laptops etc


What are you waiting for?

We at organization for environment protection and rural infrastruction development would love to hear from you!