Orient&Dance Theatre

Orient and Dance Theater is an artistic space situated In Ramallah/Al-Bireh, Palestine. It is a place for dance, music and arts. ODT stands for hope, tolerance and diversity. Art is used here to express feelings and create something new.

Volunteering Activities

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What We Need

We are currently looking for teachers for our summer school. We hope to find someone to teach our children dancing. Our center is focused on ballet and contemporary dance, but other styles are welcome as well. No previous teaching experience is required, but loving children is a must.

When & Who

Starting in the end of May
We would prefer a volunteer who would be able to come and stay for at least one whole part of a summer school. We have three parts of it, each lasting for a month.

What we Provide


We have a guesthouse in which we provide a room ( unfortunately we cannot do that free of charge because we rent the house- a monthly contribution of 200 euros) with unlimited wi-fi, shared kitchen and bathroom and a big back garden. We provide some meals which we occasionally share together. But because many of us also have day jobs, we cannot always be there to eat together as we might not share the same schedules. We provide friendship and recommendations about Palestine and and authentic experience in a country that most people don't know much about. Most of all we provide a place in our family. We want you to feel like at home and to be open and free with us, for us it is all about the community in which everyone wants to play their part to develop the centre and themselves.


Our Fees

No fees

Unfortunately, we have to ask the volunteer the monthly rent fee because we all are on a voluntary basis in the centre and are renting the spaces, so one should be able to cover the rent costs for the room. The volunteer should be responsible for his|her own food. Although we are very generous and share a lot of meals, the general idea is still to be able to provide for oneself.

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Ramallah, Palestinian Territory.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

We work mainly with youth, but we also involve people from all ages into our projects. We also don’t put any limits to participant’s previous experience and background. Our dream is to grow bigger, become better and introduce professional performance arts to Palestine and through this raise the overall quality of the culture. We want to develop ourselves and inspire others. We currently have a ballet school, different dance classes, recycling projects and outreach projects, also each summer we organise a summer school.