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Our Second Home

Cape Town, South Africa, Africa
Training centre for Special needs adults.

Social workers to train and guide special needs adults in their professional and social skills development. Social media & online work. Administrative volunteer work for filing, invoice creation, reconciliation of invoices, compilation of supplier payment schedules, fundraising initiatives for operation and expansion of operations and training, etc.

Throughout the year.

3 months.

We operate as a cafe and training centre for people with intellectual disabilities. We train them and equip them with the necessary social and professional skills in retail and hospitality in order to be placed and integrated into businesses as fully paid employees. We also educate the public and businesses alike on interacting and working with special needs adults.

All costs on volunteer's personal capacity. We provide lunches and drinks during work days, and can advise on residence and transport.


Brownies & downieS Cape Town is a training centre for people with intellectual disabilities and a vessel to create change and acceptance in the South African culture. Special needs young adults are trained to be employable in the hospitality, service and retail sectors. This is achieved in a coffee shop and lunchroom that is open to the general public

5 to 10 people

Shop 7, 2 Long Street, , Foreshore, Cape Town, South Africa.

159-800 NPO

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