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We are a transnational non-profit organization with a mission to support a young adults-led and community-based approach to advance human rights, international development, education, nonviolence, food security, and to relieve poverty for vulnerable groups

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What We Need

You would teach small sized classes (10-15 students each). We usually get students coming around from 4:30 – 9:00 PM on the weekdays. Each class is 1 hour and you will need to take maximum of 4 classes a day. On top of that, you should dedicate approximately one hour of preparation a day for your class. The Head Teacher will be in charge of training you when you arrive and help you building the weekly curriculum for your classes, building on our templates. Further information will be provided in the information booklet.

For this summer we are organizing a summer school based on the United Nations Sustainable Goals!

Volunteer teacher responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1) Planning, preparing and delivering lessons – MB staff will provide monthly, weekly and daily lesson planning templates. The MB Learning Resource Library on Trello is an ever growing selection of media, print, games, etc. Volunteers should be prepared to spend time looking through materials online and offline (youtube, FB English teaching groups, books, etc) to find activities, games and lessons that fit the need of the particular student population. Every lesson should be derived from a learning objective that helps the students gain some sort of English language ability/skill noted within the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) document.

2) Preparing teaching materials – Volunteers for the MB English Centre should spend time daily preparing teaching materials that can help them not only provide pronunciation practice to their students, but also helps explain grammar rules for conversation, reading & writing. Teaching materials should be fitted to your students CEFR level.

3) Organizing and running special events – There will be many special events at MB English Centre. We often hold events to share more information with the community about who we are and what we do here in Kinh Mon. We also hold testing/entrance exams and outreach events, so you will need to host and/or MC these events and plan/lead English speaking activities/games for the students and parents.

4) Curriculum Design & Volunteer Team Management – MB English Centre is geared towards English learning with a community development and empowerment focus. Elementary level teacher volunteers should prepared to work closely with the Oxford Omnia think tank, Vietnamese staff, report writers and fellow volunteers to ensure that the content and methodology used in the classrooms match the vision, mission statement and goals of Oxford Omnia. Elementary level teachers should be prepared to help align the goals of Oxford Omnia with the expectations of the local community in a natural and organic fashion. While gathering information from students, teachers and administration, the Elementary level teacher should update the Oxford Omnia Google drive and other document sources to ensure the Resource Library remains useful and accessible to all.

5) Attending social events – Interacting with the community is a huge part of the volunteer experience. Volunteer teachers should be prepared to attend social events and dinners in homes, schools and restaurants in the village of Kinh Mon throughout the 3 month volunteer stay.


When & Who

From mid-May 2018
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Kinh Mon is 2 hours far from main touristic sites: Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and Ha Long Bay, UNESCO World Heritage site. During the weekend we have organized numerous trips with our local Vietnamese staff, our students and the volunteers, which ultimately helps bonding and teamwork!

Types: Variety

The meals will be traditional Vietnamese style meals. Often the volunteers cook together or go out to experience V Please notify us if you have a serious allergy.

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No fees

The one- time fee is a registration fee and includes: lifetime Oxford Omnia Alumni Membership, fundraising advice, dedicated pre-departure support, certificate and recommendation letter on request

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