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Pa Yachay

Yanque, Colca Canyon, Peru, South America
PA YACHAY was created to implement inclusion in education. All those children in need should have access and participate in a quality education that meets their needs.

Women Development

- Helping kids in class
- Helping with the construction
- Helping with the childcare

All the year

1 week

- Certificate
- Free access to the Colca Canyon Valley

- $10 per night in accommodation
- $4 per day on meals (include: breakfast, lunch and dinner), this is optional



We need online volunteers to help us to find grants

PA YACHAY, in Quechua, the native language of the highlands of Peru which is spoken by more than 2 million people today, means "to learn". Pa Yachay was born at the time of a new understanding, that a new and more intimate attitude should be generated for interaction between women, men and children of all cultures and regions. We are an organization based on the implementation of educational systems oriented towards total development of the child, where it is most needed. We are also promoters and creators of projects in the fields of culture, training, work, health, housing, environment, energy and community development. To achieve this, we created effective strategies to cover a larger environment of relationships, family, community and society where each person develops and interacts.

Up to 5 people

Chacapi avenue W - 6, Yanque, Colca Canyon, Yanque, Colca Canyon, Peru.

- mail: info@payachay.org
- facebook: Pa Yachay
- instagram: pa_yachay
- linkedIn: Pa Yachay

- Color pencils
- Oil Clay
- Medicines: alcohol, cotton and band aids
- White paper
- Paints
- Pencils
- Crayons


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