Volunteer with patanisho roho israel community based organization kenya.

patanisho roho israel community based organization kenya.

Nairobi kenya, Kenya, Africa
PRICBO Is a registered and recognized non-government project and volunteer organization.Incorporated under the ministry of labour,social security and services at Registral No.SCSD/EMB/CBO/5/4/2015/(0273) and it has unique rule to play in the lives of the deprived living in the rural community.

Women Development

-video/photo editing
-Editing work.
-Create/ update our website.
-legal support.
-special event support.
-Curriculum developers.
-Teaching and training.
-Office administration

Resource mobilization,interneship,music,child right,teaching English,business development,eating lifestyle,basic computer application words,excel,internate,email and grants

As soon as possible

1-9 weeks


we only provide, breakfast and dinner ,
-Airport transport.
-personal extras and shopping s.
-Travel visa.
-Travel medical insurance.
-entrances to all the places being visited,tips for drivers,hotels and touring guides.
-For running for errands $ 5,by means of public vans and motorcycles within 20 minutes.
It is called shillings(SH) You can exchange your currency at the Airport and banks in Kenya.
Accommodation- we hire a recognized hotels, provided with enough security 24/7.

1.Week $ 350
2 .week $480
3. week $760
4.week $1040
5. week$ 1320
6.week $1600
7.week $ 1880
8.week $2160
9.week $2440


Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Legal Consulting
Video/Photo Editing
Editing Work
Grant Writing

1.Market our organization in whichever way.
2.collect any donation on our behalf.
3.write proposal to donors organization.
4.volunteer with us or help us to get volunteers.
5.Fundraiser for our project or get donors for us.
6.spreading the word a bout our programmer.
7.organize medical camps to serve our community.
8.Digging boreholes.
9.Building homes for the children who are most affected and have no unknown relatives and many other things that can benefit this children and the community that we serve.
10.To sponsor a child for whole year requires 850 USD PER CHILD.
11.We are currently serving 37 children who are urgently in need of help.
(A)Tuition fee for the children 300 USD per year
(B)Food stuffs 200 USD per year.
(C)Clothing includes school uniforms 200 USD per year.
(D)Medical cover 150 USD per year.

Thought all these years our eyes have seen entire community touched and transformed by supernatural power of God with miracles, signs and wonders.
We as the community we live passionately to advice the kingdom of God to all the earth and have a prophetic burden for unity of vulnerable families, since there is a big gap of rich and poor.According to the book of :Isaiah 58 and Ephesians 2:12.

PRICBO started 2010 and was fully registered in 2015/7/28 as a community based organization.
it works closely with each volunteers to ensure a comprehensive preparation that includes both understanding of the people with whom they will be working with and all consideration necessary for travel to Kenya.
We are committed to reduce poverty ,ignorance and disease among the slum, through education ,health and empowerment. But our main focus on :
1. Education 2. poverty eradication 3.health care and 4. Environmental care.
we place volunteers in programmers that provides safe and meaningful experiences to them.C. carries temporary churches family style,Some of the children are abandoned after birth due to parent death , separation or left in the stress to fend for themselves and having disabilities.Most children come from there well wishes and relatives who accommodate them, some come bare footed and hungry is the lion of the day .On the side of education, children learn in neighboring schools , that is where they get early childhood education as we are looking forward in near future to have our own facilities.How happy are they to learn, speak English,read , write and learn math?. Some well wishes are answering there calls by sponsoring some of the children on,food, school fees, uniform ,stationary and shelter .
Also through education and compassion they receive is to change life ,but churches are extremely disadvantaged and encounter a lot of hardships in their life. why?Most children have never experienced ,loving, caring and stable relationships like of there biological parents,but by now children are receiving much attention,compassion,hope, encouragement support and love from you and me.
We have not settled good enough since we don't have our own facilities and purchased our own land,our major issue is financials.
2.HEALTH CARE:Medical care,we normally send community workers for polio vaccination to the children under 5yrs old but to sick people we give simple medication, where there is complicated cases, we offers referrals to National Hospitals.
3. POVERTY EMPOWERMENT: we offer to single Father, mother,youth,women empowerment to most vulnerable people.Example we offer macro-finance loan to cater for there lives.
4. ENVIRONMENTAL CARE : We normally practice by planting trees and taking care off,unblock sewage,collecting garbage and disposal , looking further to find well wishers to drill bore -holes for clean water for our project.

1.Volunteer with us or help us to get volunteers ?
2.Fundraiser for our project or get donors for us ?
3. Market our organization in whichever way ?
4.Write any proposals to donors organizations ?
5.Collect any donations on our behalf ?
6.Come for internship or get inters for us ?

Housing is not available, we will make an arrangement to get shelter ,food and security in hotels.We organize safaris and expedition for all our volunteer in Kenya,payment for this is separate.it 's not allowed to drink or smoke during working hours in program areas, must respect the right of children and using a abusive language or beat them.we can pick volunteer from jomo Kenyatta airport, 24/7 by contacting co-coordinator.

We are freely appreciate any volunteers who could help up with financial ideals and help to spreading a awareness around the world, in order to open our vision further to develop and improve our living standard.

10 to 20 people

P.O BOX 00515-542 NAIROBI KENYA., Nairobi kenya, Kenya.

: +254738999118 or +254711330092

: okindocliffe@yahoo.com

We are having staff salaries for the workers,cleaners,cookers,toilet facilities,, watchman,volunteer 's motor cycles,video cameras ,tents, plastic harm chairs ,also we need to have our own Lap tops,printers,computers equipment for HIV-Aids- training , solar banners, camera , Lapel macro phones.We also need sponsor who will in charges of helping by drilling bore holes water to get availability of water for our projects.


we need goods like food, sugar 5 bags of 50kg beans 200kg,flour maize 44 bails, sorghum rice 10 bags of 50kg ,cooking oil 200 liters,Bible materials 100, Sunday school materials 50 , used clothes ,shoe ,bicycle for kids 50. Building materials iron sheets 240, iron sheet nails, and ordinary nails from 1 inch to 4inches at least 100kg each, ballast 9 lorries ,cement 420 bags ,
3 tanks- 6000 liters 4 - 1000 liters, storage tank ,we need cash money to buy some other law materials like sand , bricks ,timber , window, doors, toilet ply wood for fitting, 2 water bump 3 horse bump, terrazzo, paint, land survey, house plan, architect labor , labor of mason ,plumbing materials and the labor of plumber, wire ring,Transport. and others like Public address system ,sound recorders,10 computer,20 bed and bedding,2 laundry machine,2 freezer,Lapel micro phones,Gas/electoral,10 l pads cookers5 laptop, 10 still video cameras,projector,8 football and net ball, 12 volunteer motorcycles and used clothes to provide the poor people, computer equipment for HIV-aids training ,3 motor bikes,books,net balls ,foot ball , hand ball and donations.
our details are:
PRICBO community based organization
Email at:
P.o box 00515-542 Nairobi kenya
co-coordinator is available 24/7 or for a pick from Jomo Kenyatta Airport or kisumu Airport.
MOBILE NO: +254738999118


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