Patriots Ghana

We look to the youth of Ghana to uphold the image and values of the country.

Kasoa, Ghana, Africa

Patriots Ghana is a registered voluntary-based non-profit organisation that serves to improve the well-being of Ghanaians in through health, education, human rights, research and advocacy, cross cultural exchange, and economic development initiatives.

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

- Human Rights Project Coordinator:

This position involve working with a team human rights advocates working in three fishing communities in Ghana to address the issues of child labour and trafficking.

This position will include working directly with children and their families, fishermen and schools to stop rampant child labour and trafficking practices in Ghana. The program aims to educate and raise awareness about children's rights in the affected areas. Volunteers and interns work with project staff approximately 6 to eight hours a day and collaborate on every aspect of the project. Tasks include conducting interviews with child labour and trafficking victims and the fishermen who hire them, entering and analyzing the data, organizing community advocacy campaigns, facilitating child rights awareness campaigns in schools, attending meetings with community leaders to discuss findings, negotiating solutions to rescue children, writing project reports and proposals for donors and assisting with daily office duties. Patriots Volunteers and interns also participate in the selection of children eligible for sponsorships to return to school. During the school year, volunteers and interns are instrumental in providing one-one-one tutoring for rescued Child labourers who are sponsored by the organisation.

Child Labour & Trafficking Volunteers/Interns:

- Compassion and inspiration to help develop Ghana's developmental needs in the non-profit sector.
- Ability and motivation to contribute effectively to both the organisation's field work and in some cases, office responsibilities.
- The creativity and initiative to work independently and within a team to drive projects forward with minimal supervision.
- The flexibility to participate in different tasks depending on the ever-changing needs of the project.
- Experience in a human rights-related field is advantageous but not required.
- Computer literacy is advantageous but not required.
- The time commitment to the programme is entirely up the participant. You may volunteer or intern for anytime from 2 weeks to 1 year. Previous volunteers and interns have found that a minimum stay of 1 month gives room for making a significant impact after orientation of the project.

As a volunteer in Patriots Ghana teaching program, you will be assigned to one or more local schools where you can use your expertise to improve the education of Ghanaian children. You may choose any age of children, including Kindergarten, primary school, junior high or high school and request specific subjects depending on your knowledge or interests including, but not limited to mathematics, science, English, reading comprehension, computer studies, and French. Past volunteers have even taught physical education in addition to coaching the local football (soccer) teams after school. Feel free to request a subject not listed above and Patriots will do our best to find a school that needs a teacher for that subject.

Additionally, teaching volunteers may assist on other educational projects such as organizing quiz competitions amongst partner schools and improving reading habits amongst school children.

Volunteers and interns interested in teaching should note that teaching placements are normally based on the school year calendar in Ghana. Patriots Ghana can place teachers within the following terms:

- Early September – Mid-December (1st school term).
- Early January – Mid-April (2nd school term).
- Early May – Mid-August (3rd school term).

Please note that each school has relative freedom to decide on calendar modifications and holiday periods, so these dates are quite flexible and we could accommodate you almost any time of the year. If you are staying for more than one term, you are welcome to keep your room in your host family house.

Requirements for Education Project Volunteer/Intern:

- Fluent in spoken and written English.
- Due to wide range of our educational needs and projects, no special Educational certification is required. However, a minimum of high school graduatation is preferred.
- The creativity and initiative to lead classes with limited resources.
- Must be willing to stay on the project for not less than 2 weeks

Microfinance Project Development Officer:

Patriots Ghana is currently implementing a microfinance project that primarily provides an average of $150 to support the farming activities of rural women in Agriculture within the Awutu Senya District of Ghana. This extra income helps these women to undertake best farming practices that would help to expand their small-scale farm businesses, and also increase their savings through increased knowledge on financial literacy. Our short and long-term goal is to ignite the passion of financial independence and to create an equitable financial and social freedom for women and youth in Agriculture in the rural communities of Ghana. By achieving this goal, we believe these women can sustainably provide meals for their families and support their kid’s education. Since 2015, the project has provided microloans with almost no interest to 14 women in the Akufful Krodua village in the Awutu Senya District of Ghana. Prior to the award of the loan to these beneficiaries, a feasibility study was conducted in the community to understand community needs, who needs the loan and who is more likely to pay back. A pilot study was then conducted with an initial five women who received $150 each with a condition to repay back in 10 months. Additionally, the Patriots Ghana team provided training and coaching on financial literacy and marketing strategy for all the beneficiaries. The pilot achieved a 100% success. All the five women were able to pay back the money in 8 months except for one person who finished paying on the 10th month. This lead to the expansion of this project to 14 women in January 2017.

Role of Microfinance Project Volunteer/Intern:

- Collaborate with local project team to conduct demand-driven workshops on bookkeeping, budgeting, business plans, digital financial services, savings etc.
- Work with team to develop project evaluation and make recommendation for project improvement.
- Facilitate the development of fundraising strategies and participate in fundraising activities with the team to support more women in agriculture.
- Conduct baseline research in new communities who may potentially receive support from the Patriots Ghana’s microfinance project.
- Prepare project, progress and financial reports.

Requirements for Microfinance Project Volunteer/intern:

- Knowledge and Experience in business/ entrepreneurship-related field is advantageous but not required.
- Fluent in spoken and written English.
- Must be willing to stay on the project for not less than 2 weeks.
- The creativity and flexibility to work in an environment with limited resources.
- The creativity and initiative to work independently and within a team to drive projects forward with minimal supervision.

When & Who

We host volunteers throughout the year.
Yes, we require a minimum of 2 Weeks
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide

You automatically become a member of that family, which gives you the opportunity to learn their culture, learn a new language, and virtually do everything with them. Host families are carefully selected and decent people who are very caring and friendly. Please remember to bring some extra bed sheet just in case! Currently, Patriots Ghana has a volunteer house so you may be assigned to stay in the volunteers if you make an advance request or in cases where host families are filled up.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our Fees


Before arrival we offer a free handbook that has been prepared by the team and previous volunteers to help you prepare for your experience in Ghana! As a Ghanaian run organization, we know the best tips, tricks and would assist you before getting on the plane and also when you arrive in Ghana.

Volunteers and interns are given a two-day orientation, briefing them on the culture of the local people, learn basic Twi language, details of the placement position, community familiarization tour, visit to some local chiefs and other local authorities, and many other information that may be necessary to help you get acquainted with the community you are serving.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees

Typical day:

- Wake up around 6:30 am. Bath, breakfast.
- Go to work at 8:00 am. Work as your working schedule provides.
- Lunch at around 12 noon.
- Return to work until 2 or 3 pm. The number of hours varies, ranging from 2 to 5 working hours per day.
- After work, the volunteer or intern plans how they use the remainder of the day.
- Around 6 pm supper is served. Warm friendship from colleagues at work and town folk to keep you company and show you around and immerse into the Ghanaian culture.

Contact Person

Emmanuel Ato Yamoah
NO 369/ 1 Shaributu Road Walantu Kasoa, Central Region Ghana, Kasoa, Ghana.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Patriots Ghana also networks and collaborates with organizations working in different fields of development and human rights to help achieve meaningful development in deprived Ghanaian communities. We have a particular focus on the areas of health, education, youth, and economic development, though are always open to other areas of interest from potential partner organizations (NB: We have childcare support services through child trafficking prevention but not with orphanages).


Patriots Ghana believes that youth is the backbone of every nation and therefore should be a prioritised asset of Ghana. We believe that the leaders of today have a responsibility to develop youth to replace them in their old age, so that Ghana can have future generations that can uphold the image and values of the country. Additionally, Patriots Ghana’s cultural exchange and networking with other organizations can help create a pool of combined resources that, we together, can help achieve meaningful results in specific areas of development.


To bring together all passionate, selfless and patriotic Ghanaian citizens and to use our combined knowledge, skills, ideas and other resources to support needed development activities in the various Ghanaian communities with a focused interest in Education, Health, Human Rights and Economic Development.

To create a platform and a link between existing patriotic leaders and the patriotic youth to mentor and share ideas that would develop the youth to learn and gain development experiences and passion for nation building.

To prepare, develop and support the Ghanaian youth to create jobs through Youth Empowerment and support projects towards self-development and sustainable living to help minimize international migration amongst the Ghanaian youth caused by poverty and mindset.

To promote national development through international cultural exchange programmes.

To mobilize and manage resources for and on behalf of donor agencies.


Patriots Ghana is committed to:

1. Transparency – Acting with integrity.
2. Respect – For all living beings irrespective of background.
3. Education – A basic human right.
4. Empowerment – Both social and economic.
5. Collaboration – Fostering relationships with individuals, communities and organizations.
6. Non-discrimination.
7. Non-partisan.
8. Social justice.
9. Gender equity.
10. Accountability.

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