Peace For Conservation

Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa
We believe that conservation is not a one-day thing, but a way of life. We aim to provide an improved visual awareness in our local communities for effective conservation, alongside solid improvements to livelihood opportunities.

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

We have lots of different programs for volunteers.

If you opt to work Peace for Conservation as an Adventure Volunteer, you will be staying with a community that lives near Serengeti National Park. If you want to work in our main office, then you will be close to Kijereshi Game Reserve, about 1 km from the Serengeti National Park entrance gate.

Volunteers will be assigned different activities from Monday to Thursday, but on Friday there will be the opportunity to go to Lake Victoria for sport fishing using our boat or canoe. Later on that evening, at about 4 pm, Adventure Volunteers will be able to go on a safari trip at Serengeti National Park. Spending a night at Serengeti National Park or Kijereshi Game Reserve, you will enjoy camp fire and fish BBQ, caught from that morning at Lake Victoria. The organisation will provide a car to go to Serengeti National Park, mattress and tents for camping, drinks (wine, beer, and soft drinks), and special kitchen for BBQ. Volunteers will be responsible for park and camping fees. All volunteers must be back at the office by Sunday evening in order to continue volunteering activities on Monday.

We need help with:

- Video shooting and filming for conservation education in the community.
- Video editing.
- Photography, which would be used for fundraising.
- Teaching English to children from local schools.
- Organising classes to teach youth from village on ecotourism programs, acting as tour guides.
- VET Internship. If you are a veterinary or have a medical specialisation with wildlife (as well as domestic dog vaccination) and a passion for working with animals, then you can participate in our dog vaccination program in collaboration with the District Livestock department.
- Conservation education in the community using filming.
- Taking photographs and videos during the annual event Dance for Conservation.
- Fundraising and proposal writing for new projects.

When & Who

From February to November.
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week
Between 1 week to 8 weeks, or longer if it suits both parties.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees, Disabled

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Volunteers will be living in a self-contained room decorated African style, with Internet service and a television in the room.

Types: Variety, Vegetarian

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided. There will also be the opportunity to learn to cook traditional African foods.

Wifi & Satellite
First Aid

Our Fees

$30 daily

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

We will also provide:

- Canoe tours and sport fishing. Experience the lifestyle of the native fishermen by joining them on a fishing tour, where you can fish from a small wooden canoe and try to see who can make a big catch of delicious tilapia or Nile perch. At the end of the day someone will prepare your catch for you, so that you can enjoy the fresh fish of Lake Victoria at dinner.
- A sports bike to facilitate movement while you work.

Contact Person

David kabambo
Box 1403 Mwanza,Tanzania East Africa, Mwanza, Tanzania.
57% response rate

Other Ways to support us

Traditional dance, cooking African food, Swahili language class.

Volunteers get to experience working in the community for day, while also learning our traditional dances, cooking African food, and experiencing a Swahili language class. We also encourage volunteer to work at workshop for disability painting tricycles.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Provide guide to volunteers; support logistics during a visit to National Park; organise Dance for Conservation; organise Soccer for Conservation; proposal writing; conduct community conservation outreach; organise training for the community on Community Conservation Enterprises (CCE).

Make your holiday count! Make a volunteer contribution and join our conservation safari expeditions in remote and beautiful places in Tanzania. Go places where others don't, learn new skills, and experience hands-on conservation with local Tanzanian communities undertaking conservation initiatives.

Our program provides volunteers with a warm welcome and good accommodation with host families in the local community, where they can experience community life, social activities, and interact with senior community leaders. Local social activities include camping in community-owned campsites; barbecuing together; traditional dance; game drives; guided walks within the National Park led by knowledgeable community leaders. This programs gives voluntourists the unique opportunity to experience where sustainable travel meets hands-on conservation.

We believe that our passion, belief, and love of nature and the community will delight and enthuse you.

We have community events for conservation that are seasonal, such as Soccer for Conservation in July and Dance for Conservation organised from August to November.

In recent decades, debates about the relationship between conservation and peace have focused on how conservation problems like resource scarcity and climate change are likely to create or exacerbate human-wildlife conflict. Our organisation aims to bridge the gap between community engagement and conservation, thus creating a positive dynamic in conversation and diplomacy.

Our main focus areas are:

- Education, with a particular focus on youth groups.
- Sustainable resource management.
- Ecotourism initiatives.
- Species and habitat protection and restoration.
- Social wellbeing, equality, and alternative livelihoods.
- Climate change and pollution.
- Conservation research and environmental initiatives.

We aim to achieve these initiatives through:

- Facilitating conservation, education, and sustainable livelihood initiatives.
- Engaging and connecting with local communities to raise awareness and promote ownership and action.
- Uniquely engaging youth through innovative platforms, such as education, sports, music, and film.
- Providing a platform for youth to network and have their voices be heard.
- Marine, freshwater (lakes and rivers), and terrestrial habitat restoration.
- Raising international awareness of Tanzania's unique biodiversity.
- Working with partners and stakeholders to form mutually beneficial collaborations.

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