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Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa
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We believe that conservation is not a one-day thing, but a way of life. We aim to provide an improved visual awareness in our local communities for effective conservation, alongside solid improvements to livelihood opportunities.

Online Volunteering

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For those who would like to volunteer at a distance, there are various options:

- Editing abroad: we can send you footage of wildlife, which you can edit, make into art, or if you have a different idea, then let us know.
- Communication: we are looking for people who are interested in spreading the word about Peace for Conservation, helping with our online activities such as website development. Students could also distribute pamphlets in universities or give a presentation about the work that we do.

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David kabambo
Box 1403 Mwanza,Tanzania East Africa, Mwanza, Tanzania.

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Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Provide guide to volunteers; support logistics during a visit to National Park; organise Dance for Conservation; organise Soccer for Conservation; proposal writing; conduct community conservation outreach; organise training for the community on Community Conservation Enterprises (CCE).

In recent decades, debates about the relationship between conservation and peace have focused on how conservation problems like resource scarcity and climate change are likely to create or exacerbate human-wildlife conflict. Our organisation aims to bridge the gap between community engagement and conservation, thus creating a positive dynamic in conversation and diplomacy.

Our main focus areas are:

- Education, with a particular focus on youth groups.
- Sustainable resource management.
- Ecotourism initiatives.
- Species and habitat protection and restoration.
- Social wellbeing, equality, and alternative livelihoods.
- Climate change and pollution.
- Conservation research and environmental initiatives.

We aim to achieve these initiatives through:

- Facilitating conservation, education, and sustainable livelihood initiatives.
- Engaging and connecting with local communities to raise awareness and promote ownership and action.
- Uniquely engaging youth through innovative platforms, such as education, sports, music, and film.
- Providing a platform for youth to network and have their voices be heard.
- Marine, freshwater (lakes and rivers), and terrestrial habitat restoration.
- Raising international awareness of Tanzania's unique biodiversity.
- Working with partners and stakeholders to form mutually beneficial collaborations.

Closest City: Mwanza (0.0KM)

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