Volunteer with Friends of Peace and Hope Foundation

Friends of Peace and Hope Foundation

Kisoro, Uganda, Africa

Friends of Peace and Hope Foundation is a not–for profit community based charity duly registered with the Department of Gender Labor and Community Development.

What We Need

Raising Funds for Education Materials for Children
The project aims at improving the personality of the children, by providing scholastic Materials and school fees on school-term basis .

Find avenues for scholastic materials for rural children, and help raising funds for children necessities who are deprived of the various widespread opportunities available in the world. The age groups of the children vary from 5 years and above

Energetic, passionate and comfortable with the children, lobbying and negotiation skills, fundraising skills. Good communication skills

5 days a week – Mon- Friday, 8 hours a day
Children Health

The organization needs a volunteer to coach children on good sanitation and personal Hygiene in vulnerable homes, carry out home visitation and taking children to health centers.
Counseling sessions, activities for educating them on hygiene within homes and also in helping them overcome the common sicknesses like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis.

Skills in homecare, counseling, medicine
Is a necessity, self motivated, comfortable working with new people, comfortable working on own. Age; from 23 years and above
Aids/HIV/STDs Control


The project requires the volunteer to conduct Aids/HIV and STDs awareness campaigns to the poor children, youth and elderly and marginalized groups.
Counseling sessions/ visits and comforting affected communities to help them lead a normal life and bring them back on track and fundraise funds to affected one

Conceptualize some interesting sessions / activities for educating them and streamlining them with other children and also in helping them overcome the stigma with grace. Can contribute funds towards publicity and materials.
Skills in communication, counseling, self motivated, comfortable working with new people, comfortable with working with HIV/Aids affected communities. Age; from 21 years and above
Couples and groups are welcome.

When & Who

From today onwards. Ongoing
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration
3 months and more

What we Provide

A room will be allocated to the volunteer (s) in our Guest house in Kisoro town with basic amenities. He/she can then contribute USD 392 per month. The Guest house has a kitchen on the side so the Volunteer(s) can do own cooking. There are Local markets and supermarkets. On average, you can spend USD 10 on food per day.

Our Fees


The fees it will depend how long the volunteer wish to stay at Peace Friends of Hope Foundation.

Contact Person

Mark Uwineza
PLOT 5 BUDARA ROAD, Kisoro, Uganda.

Other Ways to Help

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Document Translation
Video/Photo Editing
Editing Work
Grant Writing

We are looking for volunteering online to help us to do organize fundraising and other activities that are taking place down here in Uganda.

Scholastic materials ,like books, pens, pencils ,rubber ,uniforms, clothes ,blankets,,foods and beverages Public system,5 Balls both for volleyball and soccer ,video coverage. Chairs for 400 people. 5 Tents and contribution towards their school fees email us:info@pfohf.org
Peace Friends of Hope Foundation
P.O.Box 182 kisoro,Uganda(East Afrika)
South Western,Uganda
Plot 5 Budara Road.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Transportation by motor cycle between Kisoro town and some villages is approximately $ 250 dollars per month.
The volunteer will cater for own internet costs. Local Internet café’s charge Ush50 per minute or Ush3000 for 60 minutes. Or USD 1.25 per hour.
However, if the volunteer can carry his/her modem, we can just buy a simcard and bundle on arrival. Or a new modem at Ush90,000 (US$37.5) and internet bundle Ush25,000 (US$11) for bundle 500Mbs.
The organization would need the volunteer for at least 3 months. Couples are also welcome.
The Coordinator for the organization will guide the volunteer at no cost

To mobilize the needy and marginalized persons including children, youth, disabled, and elderly and provide them with educational, economic and socio-psychological support.

In order to fulfill our mission, we actively and directly engage, and also place both local and international volunteers in implementing our programs.

Our organization is firmly committed to provide for the physical, mental, spiritual and social welfare to better the life of Ugandans through charitable and humanitarian professional and technical services, our organization is focused on education, agriculture, human Rights, woman empowerment, disaster management , health education/training ,care and support services for HIV/AIDS patients, water & sanitation provision, short-term food provision, Christian spiritual and social welfare development and environmental bio-diversity

Please note that we do not work with institutionalized children. Our orphans stay with some families selected by the organization.


What are you waiting for?

We at Friends of Peace and Hope Foundation would love to hear from you!