Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
We reduce poverty and suffering from the poor and needy of the World.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Web Work
Conservation Work

What We Need

We need Volunteers to Teach Computer packages/ skills to those out of school young persons, you only need to have Computer basic skills & passion and confidence that you can help make a change to the needy in the society .
We also need Volunteers who can help improve both our website and Facebook site so that we can link to many people from around the World and let them know what we do and how together we can improve the livelihood of the people we serve.
We also need Volunteers who can join us in our Anti-jigger campaigns in communities and public schools we only require general skills and including advocacy skills if any.

When & Who

Immediately from today 07/08/2016 and all Year round From January to December of every Year.
Min stay depends with the wish of the Volunteer,for example we allow a one day visit to a six month stay.

What we Provide


If you accept a home stay we provide 3 meals per day which includes chapatis,tea ,ugali chicken and rice among locally prepared meals,but if you prefer Hotel stay we arrange for bookings where you choose the menu that you prefer ,another option we provide a home stay where you cook your own meals


Our Fees

$5 daily
$500 One-time

The Volunteering cost will depend on where the Volunteer Him/herself desires to contribute towards our organization and also where to stay. As illustrated a volunteer can decide a home stay where he/she stays with a community member sharing meals or cooking own meals,Volunteer can also decide to stay in a hotel.While online Volunteers will only pay the reservation fee of USD150.00 which help in running of projects in the organisation

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Contact Person

Josephato Chibata Chibai
P.OBOX 60-50106,SHIANDA MUMIAS KENYA, Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

We would also wish to receive the following materials which we will use to improve our project work and where applicable to distribute to our community members who desperately needs them
3 Digital cameras to be used for learning in our computer classes , 5 pcs. of Desktop computers and 10 pcs. of Laptop computers for distribution to our Computer trainees who might not be lucky to join colleges,we do this so as to support them start their own self-employment projects, Shoes & Clothes,Radios,T.V,Kitchen utensils Suitcases and any good item we can distribute to those affected/infested with jiggers, we accept both new and used items so long as they can improve the livelihoods of the needy and vulnerable people we serve in the society.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

We thank all the GivingWay team for the wonderful work they are doing in connecting and Networking with all kind people/Volunteers from around the World who desire to make a lasting impact and improvement of livelihoods of the poor and most vulnerable.
Together let us unite to end poverty and suffering in the World.

Our main calling is to stop and reduce poverty from the needy people of the World,we use local solutions to end poverty
We have Four major projects we focus on as a means of reaching our goals
1.Environment conservation " Our rivers are drying the environment is polluted everywhere ,we hold free tree planting sessions in public areas including schools where we teach Pupils to plant many Trees and value their Environment for sustaining human lives on Mother Planet. 2.Anti-jigger campaigns where we go to schools,Churches and homes to treat for free those who are infested with jiggers for we have found that jiggers kill,they bring suffering of pain to the affected and most school going children drop out of schooling, due to jiggers(Flease) ,3.Computer trainings " Many young people finish their secondary schooling without ever touched a computer in their lives,so we train basic computer skills targeting the out of school so as to empower them with Information Technology skills those who join both tertiary and university colleges after training computer skills with us, are able to pick-up with their studies with feeling inferior to their peers from city schools who start learning computer/I.T Skills from early stages ,But also those who do not join colleges can begin their Businesses or seek employment opportunities,we empower them all 4.Sustainable food production" without food in their homes poverty can escape,we run farming projects which focus in improved maize yields,we collaborate with both community members and Ministry of Agriculture extension officers to attain our goals.