People for Parity

New Delhi, India, South Asia
People for Parity (PfP) is a youth-led social change organization, which works on shifting attitudes and beliefs around gender and gender based violence, to achieve their vision of a world free of systemic gender based discrimination and violence where every individual can strive to be their best selves. PfP deeply imbibes values of empathy, restorative justice, inclusion and non-violence in its programs and approach.<br/>Over the last few years, PfP has built an in-depth understanding of gender issues and the beliefs behind them. In addition, the team has been trained in design and facilitation skills to create safe spaces for exploration, learning and healing.

What We Need

Volunteering can be skill-based, you may contribute a specialised skill you bring to our work or for the purpose of learning. In either case, we engage volunteers with learning and reflection processes beyond the"work".

When & Who

Round the year
We engage volunteers round the year.

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89, 2nd floor, Shiv Bhawan, Adhchini, Sri Aurbindomarg, Qutub Enclave, New Delhi, 110017, New Delhi, India.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

We envision a world with gender peace - a state of
reconciliation and collaborative co-existence between people of all genders. This is a state of increased empathy and understanding leading to abolition of normative forms of gender based violence and discrimination.
We work to create a generation of changemakers who engage empathetically with people of all genders and transform discriminatory social norms and beliefs; especially those that create power differences between different genders (men, women, others) and affect their daily lives, aspirations and human rights. Values that guide us include empathy, non-violence, appreciating diversity and positivity.