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Peru Luz de Esperanza-volunteering

Huancayo, Peru, South America

As a volunteer with Peru Luz de Esperanza, you will use your individual skills and energy to make a real difference in a small community that genuinely needs your help, education, Construction,built and Woodworking, Schools, Colleges and Universities, arts

What We Need

English teachers with more than 1 year of experience, intermediate or advanced Spanish – 3 Volunteers.
· Music Teachers, basic Spanish – 2 volunteers.
· Builders, English or Spanish – 2 volunteers.
· Carpenters, English or Spanish – 2 volunteers.

When & Who

We are runnign all the year.
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

What we Provide

The Family stay option is available for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the Peruvian culture and practice Spanish through living with a local family. This plan includes: a very safe home stay with the family in our house in Chupaca. Volunteers choosing this plan will have a comfortable room and a dedicated bathroom with hot shower. Upon availability, there are single, double and triple occupation rooms. Towels and soap are also provided. We are serving typical regional food which is healthy and prepared with care. The meals are mostly vegetarian with traditional, organic ingredients, including potatoes, rice, corn and lentils.

The longer you stay with PASPLE, the better will be the discount.

…And good news, Wi-Fi is now available.

Our Fees

Contact Person

Huancayo-Ahuac, Peru, Huancayo, Peru.

Other Ways to Help

Donations: As PASPLE does not have any help from the government, donations are our only way to finance our activities. Every dollar counts. If you can raise funds before you come, that will help us very much continuing our activities at the school after your stay.
Books: We have a little library. So you can to bring second-hand books in English or in Spanish as a donation. Those will be used by all the people around the school.
We have initiated computer classes. We need second-hand laptops or other computer equipment like mice and pads, keyboards, screens etc. (those could be bought locally if you prefer)
School supplies (pens, notebooks, folders, color papers, pencil sharpeners, erasers, etc.) You can carry those from home or buy here in Huancayo
Clothes for small girls or and boys, 3-7 years old, 8-16 years old.
Playing material for the school as balls, games, etc.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

PERU LUZ DE ESPERANZA is a private, non-profit organization, which was founded in December 2006 and legally established in September 2007 with the government RUC No. 2048670610

Elizabeth and Nilton are 2 persons doing different projects; we manage a small family-non-profit organization that does a lot with very little resources. That is why we need your help so bad.
Our mission
The mission of Peru Luz de Esperanza is to improve the quality of life of children and their families in the suburbs of Huancayo. We do not live in cities; we know that cities have different sources of help from Government Departments, Volunteering Programs, Social Programs, etc. But this is not the case for remote villages in Peru. According to the needs of these villages, the mission of PASPLE (Programa de ayuda social Peru Luz de Esperanza) is to improve the conditions of life of rural people by using volunteers ‘abilities and talents. So, yet there is something of value to give a bit of your time to radically change the lives of these children and their families. Moreover, being a volunteer adds a lot to your personal and professional growth, immersing you in the Andean culture and giving you the opportunity to interact directly with Andean people.

Peru Luz de Esperanza is not located in the city, It has been built in the back country, in a small village called Ahuac. Fresh air, tranquility, friendly people, families raising animals and growing vegetables will be a part of your experience with us. Being a volunteer with us means that you will enjoy your work with locals and will also enjoy the tranquility of nature at 3460 meters above sea level(11351,71 feet above sea level).

As a volunteer with Peru Luz de Esperanza, you will use your individual skills and energy to make a real difference in a small community that genuinely needs your help.
Our projects are focused on helping children, families and rural communities. This is one opportunity for you to be involved where children need your help the most. Not only money can change their lifes, but also the energy of all the volunteers who want to do something for someone with a lot of care and love.We will always have room for you here, because your help is very important for the community. We have options of voluntary jobs; you can choose what you like best.


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