Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG GHANA)

Akan, Oti Region, Ghana, Africa
We are a charity organization working to assist children/youth/women through the provision of basic needs, education, mentorship, sports/skill training and sustainable development

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Our organization have founded the Shalom International Montessori Schools (SIMS) and always in need of volunteers to visit/tour places, teach/learn Ghanaian language, care, feed, cook/learn to cook African & Ghanaian dishes, conduct ICT/Art classes, camping, mentor kids, take kids around to see nature etc, research activities, cultural activities (learn to play local drums, dancing, singing, poem recitals, Ghana history etc)

Also we are now hiring a structure to run our school but our urgent need is to build a modern school facility and we need volunteer fundraisers (online or activity fundraising), architects, builders etc to help make our dream possible.

At this time, our organization is in need of administrative volunteers to assist our day to day running of our activities and distance isn't a barrier. We need you for activity areas like updating our website (wordpress knowledge), update and create posts on our facebook, twitter etc pages, research and write grant proposals and also create connections with other organizations, companies etc

We are also calling on all sports enthusiasts to come volunteer to lift the face of our Plog Sports Academy (PSA) in the field of football, Athletics, handball, tennis, volleyball etc

We are also looking forward to work with university/college lecturers/student volunteers who are willing to create Plog Ghana clubs/groups etc that will organize and engage in semester activities that will generate funds, promote our organization on/off campus.

You can also volunteer to go with women to the Ghanaian marketplace to sell and teach them how to save the little profits they make and still able to feed their families. Yet still Plog seeks to build future entrepreneurs so you are welcome to volunteer and teach the youth on creative skills development aspects.

In the nutshell, any form of volunteering is welcome at our organization, you propose some of new activities you wish to do with us while volunteering.


When & Who

All year round
Kindly tell us if you will be staying for over 3months in advance for early arrangement
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Guesthouse, Other

Shared room if there are other volunteers

Types: Variety

Volunteers can let us know what their preferences are so we go accordingly as we have a very flexible plan.

Hot Water
Local SIM Card
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$1 daily
$1 One-time

Volunteers or group can contribute by seeking funds for a pending project with us if possible. You are free to contribute any amount towards your stay including meals, accommodation etc. With this one time fees of any amount, you stand the opportunity of sponsoring a child/children in their education, basic needs or a skill training so they can have a future or help a project that you will be attached forever and can bring in your family, friends, colleagues etc to volunteer to complete it

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

There we many other activities that various volunteers will love to engage in so we wish to state that you are free to send us a request concerning your choices and we will answer you adequately.

Contact Person

Peter NANA
P. O. Box KX115, Akan, Oti Region, Ghana.

Other Ways to support us


All activities. There is always something do engage in for a positive change. Cost may apply in some cases

Teaching, learning and playing materials, laptops/iPads, clothing, socks, shoes, computers, sports materials and equipment, printers/photocopiers, school uniforms, furniture, school buses, solar panels and batteries, solar lights and solar electronics, wind energy equipment etc

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Teaching, administration, school caretaker, cook


We urge any volunteers interested in our organization to kindly contact us in case they have issues or questions and not to just ignore us.

we intend to involve international volunteers through children /youth/sports/cultural exchange programs for positive change in our communities.

Yes. Once school goes on vacation, activities such as home visits, tours, extra classes or outdoor activities/fun etc sets in.

Drumming, dancing and singing lessons are always available for volunteers to learn Ghanaian culture extensively amidst the learning of our local languages. Its all fun fun fun but very educative

PLOG GHANA charity work began with a major interest in football as a sport and the training of players that were discovered to be very talented / skillful but needy, deprived, underprivileged, street boys etc and needed assistance to be well trained and polished to become future stars because their potentials were physically seen and admired by all.

In this plight, street and neighborhood football competitions were organized often and with time gained more popularity among the youth and even to the extent that many people started attending their events as and donated some token gifts for the players. This went on for almost a year and gave birth to the vision, formation and legal registration of Pet Football Development Foundation (PEFDEF) in January, 2011.

In 2012, they could boast of about 25 youth that was extremely talented and skillful in the game of football but also faced a great challenge in providing basic needs for their upkeep because most of them had no family or guardians who sought to provide and cater for their livelihood.

The heartbreaking aspect of it was that, some were actually living on the streets due to the fact that most of them were underprivileged, rural urban migrants, child labor victims, broken home/single parent victims, needy and also those from poor families etc. Therefore the need to further do more in helping them was discovered and so PEFDEF was changed to become Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG).

For now, it's not all about football but Plog has the vision, mission and drive for the development of all other Sports disciplines and work with the vocation to Recruit, Support, Educate, Empower and Establish poor, needy, street, rescued & Children/Youth in their future livelihood & career development and also to empower Young Women and assist them in all capacity to alleviate their poverty situations.

Their credo is based on sustainable development, and thus, apart from social empowerment, environmental protection is our priority so as to make the World a better place for all. Our focus areas of interest include;

Children/Youth Health, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Environmental Sustainability which is known to Plog as the

Our goals and action lines:

At PLOG, we think that local community development and childhood, youth and especially the Girl-child & Young women empowerment is only possible if seen as an integrated process where first level needs including food & nutrition, proper care, clothing and health care are combined with education & skill training, counseling, mentorship, sport activities and loving parental guidance are provided. All these activities require proper, safe and strategic implementation.

• Our main objective and vision is Preserving, Protecting and assisting children/youth/women in vulnerable situations from generation to generation through the provision of some basic needs, Education, Mentorship, Vocational/Skill training/talent discovery/creativity, Sports Development as well as humanitarian/developmental aid.