Power Of Freedom

Bakau, Gambia, Africa
We are a charity working to benefit poor families
We are currently not looking for volunteers.

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Jerreh O. Badjie
Bakau, Sanchaba, Bakau, Gambia.

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5 to 10 people

Considering that every Gambian in accordance with Section 25 of the Constitution of
the Republic of The Gambia has the right to:
Freedom of speech and expression;
Freedom of thought, conscience and belief;
Freedom to assemble and demonstrate peaceably and without arms;
Freedom of association;
Freedom to petition the Executive the redress of grievances and to resort to the Courts
for the protection of his or her rights.
We hereby have decided to establish an association named POWER OF FREEDOM, an
open and peaceful Citizen Movement that has no affiliations with any particular
ideology, religious group, tribe, political party or governmental organization which
came into being at a time when the future of The Gambia was at stake under the
leadership of the Second Republic.
On the basis of the present statutes elaborated in accordance with the provisions of the
Constitution, Laws and Regulations in force, we hereby draw up a set of basic rules
and principles for the operation of Power Of Freedom with a view to uniting our efforts
to defend our rights, do our duty as good citizens of a great nation and partake in
nation building by lending a helping hand when the need arises, create, promote and
maintain mutual understanding and tolerance amongst and between ourselves.