Volunteer with Prime Educational and Social Trust

Prime Educational and Social Trust

Puducherry, India, South Asia
Legal Registration Number: 1244/2002
A non-profit organisation working for empowerment of women and children in Puducherry, India

Human Rights
Women Development

Women Empowerment

To provide English classes to the women
To find donors for our micro credit program
To train women on vocational skills

Throughout the year

2-3 weeks

We provide orientation and project guidance

Located in the city of Puducherry, India. Prime Trust focuses on programs that empower local women, enable rural and urban poor to become self-reliant, raise social awareness, and educate underprivileged children. Prime Trust has got four core activities such as making awareness in the community, women empowerment, integrated child development and rural health care.

Up to 5 people

The cost is 208 USD and the accommodation cost would be 120 USD per month

10, 9th Cross East, Rainbow Nagar, Puducherry-605011, Puducherry, India.

: +91-413-2214652

: indiavolunteercare

Even though it is ocated in the city of Puducherry, we are trying to expand our programs in the neighboring districts of Tamil Nadu.