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Project Favela

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America
We are the best little pre school in the world! Project Favela operates a school in favela Rocinha here in Rio de Janeiro Brazi. We are getting results nobody thought we could with our kids. We have a unique teaching system and an intense curriculum for our students. We are a one of a kind project!


Amazing people to do amazing things.

We don't require that you are a international volunteering pro or have teaching experience, although it is a plus. We need committed volunteers. Dedicated, creative, independent, and outgoing team players.Volunteers that really want to teach, mentor, and inspire. Doing and experiencing all of this in the favela. Experiencing the real Rio de Janeiro. Our volunteer program in Rio is for those looking for a deeper experience in Brazil.

Year Round

3 weeks max 3 months


Airport pickup, lodging, donation to project for operating costs

489USD for 3 weeks. For additional week it is 80USD. 8 weeks through 12 weeks the cost is the same. So weeks 9,10,11, 12 are provided at no extra cost.


We offer a very special volunteering opportunity to work in a real NGO, getting real results. It is intense and challenging, but highly rewarding. You live in the fevala, teach in the favela, and really are a part of the community. Our team knows they are special and our team on the ground is always one big happy international mix of crazy, dedicated, compassionate beautiful people. We work very hard and we have plenty of fun too. We try and bring positive and impactful change through our educational and mentoring programs.

5 to 10 people


Rua Trampolim 44 Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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